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Apollo Theatre seat prices
The Apollo Theatre is located on Shaftesbury Avenue, and has become a popular theatre for short runs of plays and musicals. Seating under 1000 audience members, the theatre feels larger than it is as it is built on three levels. The auditorium is built in a grand traditional style, featuring boxes and ornate decoration around each balcony level. Seating can be particularly difficult in this venue due to the shape of each balcony level. Seating sections tend to follow the curve of the deep horseshoe, which results in many seats facing across the stage rather than directly at it. A number of seats are labelled as restricted view, and these are detailed in the table below. The Balcony is accessible by a separate door around the side of the theatre, and is approximately 60 steps above Street Level. This whole section is exceptionally high and may be unsuited to some audience members  






Lowest Price £25-£32 None available None available None available This section is extremely high and far away from the stage. Restrictions can be caused by lighting equipment especially in the front row and rear section. The middle section provides clear views, albeit very high above the stage.
Middle Price £35-£47 None available The first and last 3-5 seats of rows A-D are discounted due to the curve of the balcony, which gives these seats a side on view of the stage. This significantly affects the view from seats in the first two rows which are restricted. All seats in this section are priced at this level, with the more expensive seats being closest to the central aisle. The ends of each row are cheaper due to them curving around the balcony, giving a more side on restricted view. None available
Top Price £50-60 Almost all of the seats in this section are this price, for both the front section (A-N) and the rear (O-S). The section is well raked giving good views throughout. Views from the front rows (AA-C) are very close to the stage and should be avoided. The whole central block of seats in this section, as well as the central half of the side sections are full price. These offer good views of the stage and do not feel particularly far away. Seats towards the front centre are best value for money. None available None available
Premium Seats £65+ Premium seats in this venue vary from show to show but are usually between rows E-K seats 5-14. These provide excellent views of the stage and are ideally located for clear, unobstructed views. None available None available None available