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The Garrick Theatre is traditionally decorated all the lavish trappings of the Italian renaissance style. Red and cream tones fill the auditorium, along with frolicking golden cupids! The Garrick is one of the West End’s smaller and more intimate theatres with approximately 650 seats spread across three levels. Beautiful as the interior of the Garrick may be, is dotted with pillars holding up the Dress Circle, which can make viewing from various seats in the Stalls a little tricky. Similarly to the nearby Duke of York’s Theatre, the Garrick Theatre has no explicit proscenium arch, and is framed only by the theatres characteristic pillars. This can make the stage a little more difficult to view and therefore the best seats can be found in the middle of the Stalls or the middle section of the Dress Circle.
Garrick Theatre Stalls Dress Circle Upper Circle
£25- 30 Stalls that have a side view or are directly placed behind a pillar are in this price category. This include far side seats in rows E,F and O and pillar obstructed seats in seat 7 of rows O-X and 18 of T-V. None available Seats on the far side of each row are in this price category as they offer a side angle view of the stage.
£45-50 Seats toward the back of the Stalls in rows W&X are within this price category. The first and last two seats of rows B and C in the Dress Circle are within this price category, this is due to the nature of the theatre building as these seats offer a slight side angle view of the stage.Dress Circle box C is within this category. Other than those outlined above, the entirety of the Upper Circle is within this category, including the Upper Circle boxes.
£65-70 Other than those outlined above and the premium seats below, the majority of Stalls seats are within this price category. These seats will offer a clear and unrestricted view of the stage. Other than those in the cheaper price category above, this is the price category for all Dress Circle Seats. None available
Premium Seats £85-90 The middle 8 seats of rows F –J are considered to be ‘premium’ seats as they offer the best view of the stage in the house. None available None available