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Dating all the way back to the 17th Century, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane is one of London’s oldest (and most haunted!) theatres. It is also one of the larger theatres on the West End, at approximately 2240 seats, it is just behind the London Coliseum and London Palladium in terms of capacity. The theatre can often feel extremely big, as unlike the Palladium, it is spread over four levels (Stalls, Grand Circle, Upper Circle, Balcony), making the theatre extremely tall! Access seating is located in the Stalls, and when booking these seats it is always recommended to go directly through the theatres box office. In terms of viewing issues, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane has a few such as safety rails, side angle seats and the odd pillar; however this is to be expected in such a vast theatre. The main issues are the two pillars in the Upper Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony side seats and the Balcony safety rail. It is always best to consult a seating plan before booking tickets so that you can avoid this visual pitfalls.
Theatre Royal Drury Lane Stalls Grand Circle Upper Circle Balcony
£20-£25 Seats around £25 can be found at the very back of the Stalls in the last 4 rows (Y-ZZ) For £25 seats these are pretty much as good as it gets (your only other option at this price is the far away, high up balcony.) The very top of the stage/ tall sets may be obscured by the circle overhang but you can still see most of the action (and in way more comfortable seats than the balcony!) None available Restricted view seats in this level are in the lower end of this price category. These include seats 1-5 and 44-46 in row A as these are considered to be side seats, which offer side on views to the stage.Seats on the aisles of rows A-C are also within this price category as they are also considered to have a restricted view.Please note that there are pillars in the Upper Circle situated around row J. Seats directly behind the pillars (K and L 12 and 29) are heavily discounted, however I would avoid nearby seats in the rows as views can be obstructed. All of the Balcony should be within this price category. The least expensive seats are in rows A-B and far side seats in rows C-D as these are considered to have either safety rail obstructions or side angle views of the stage.Other than the seats listed above, the majority of the Balcony is priced at the top end of this price bracket. The best seats are around seats 16-24 in rows E-J as these offer the clearest views of the stage.
£45-55 Seats in row X are at the top end of this price category. These seats may have a slightly restricted view of the stage due to the circle overhang. None available in the Grand Circle itself, however Grand Circle boxes A and  J-P  are within this price category as they offer a slightly less clear view of the stage than the rest of the level. (Please note, Grand Circle Boxes B, BB, C and CC are in the higher price category (approximately £65) Other than the restricted view seats listed above, the entirety of the Upper Circle is within this price category. The majority of seating is at the top end of the price bracket, however  the back two rows of the Upper Circle(K-L) are at the lower end as they can feel more distant from the stage than other seats on this level. None available
£65 Other than the restricted view seats listed above and the premium seats listed below, the majority of the Stalls seats are within this price category.  The best seats for this price tend to be towards the central section of rows C-T.  Seats at this price in rows U-W are not such great value for money as they are mildly affected by the Circle overhang. Other than the premium seats in rows B and C listed below, the entirety of the Grand Circle is within this price category. None available None available
£95 (premium seats) Seats 10-13 in row E, the entire middle section of row F and H and sears 17-27 in row J are all considered to be premium seats. These seats will have the best views of the stage within the Stalls section. B 12-17 and C 12-26 are considered to be premium seats as they offer the best views of the stage within the price category. It is worth noting that B 18-26 are in the lower price bracket but offer pretty much exactly the same view. None available None available

Seat Price Map

This Theatre Royal Drury Lane seating chart is a little out of date (for up to the minute accuracy use the one at the top of the page) but is very useful with the table above for getting a handle on price brackets.
Theatre Royal Drury Lane seat prices