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Seating Plan

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The Theatre Royal Haymarket has existed since 1720 and was granted it’s royal patent in 1766. The theatre has since been remodelled and redeveloped and restored to much of its original Louis XVI grandeur. The theatre feels quite tall as seating is spread across four levels, the Stalls, Royal Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery. The auditorium holds around 890 seats and has a distinct U shape, which means that there are some seats that sit fairly side on to the stage. The biggest issues with side seating tends to be at the far ends of row A, B and C in the Upper Circle and some side seats in row A of the Royal Circle. With the Upper Circle side seats, significant sections of the stage can be cut off, so I would recommend a gallery seat at the same price, or seats towards the centre of the Upper Circle at slightly higher price.  
Theatre Royal Haymarket Stalls Royal Circle Upper Circle Gallery
£16-26 Certain seats in rows A and B are at the top end of this price category. These seats may have a slightly restricted view of the stage as they are quite close to the front and audience members will have to look up throughout the show.  Check the seating plan before you book as not all seats within these rows are on sale. None available Side seats in rows A – F are within this price category, as are the first and last two seats in the central block of rows A-C. The seats in the central block may have a safety bar restriction.Generally the further out you sit in the Upper Circle, the less expensive the seat, which means the £16 seats can be found at the far sides. These seats may have slight viewing obstructions due to their side angle positioning to the stage. All of the Gallery is within this price range. Row A is at the top of the price bracket as it is closer to the stage than the rest of the seats within the section. The rest of the Gallery (rows B-G) are at the lowest price of £16.Generally these seats are fairly good value for money as, although they can feel very far back, they are the cheapest in the house and have a clear, front on view of the stage.
£39-49 None available Side seats within the Royal circle are at the top end of this price category  (this generally includes the first and last two seats of rows A-D and G-H). These seats will feel close enough to the stage, however they may have a slightly limited view due to their side angle to the stage. Other that the restricted view seats listed above, the majority of the central seating section within the Upper Circle is at the lower end of this price category. These seats are fairly priced and offer a clear view of the stage. None available
£56 Other than seats in rows A-B and the premium seats listed below, the majority of Stalls seats are within this price category. The best seats at this price tend to be in the centre of rows F-G and L-M as these seats are located near to the premium seats which cost £30 more. Other than the side seats listed above and the premium seats listed below, the majority of Royal Circle seats are within this price category.The best seats within this price category in the Royal Circle tend to be around the centre of rows C-D. These offer similar clear views to the premium seats in rows A and B but cost £30 less! None available None available
£86 (premium seats) Seats 2-19 in rows H-K are considered to be ‘premium’ seats, which means that these seats will offer the best view of the stage in the section. Seats 10-22 in row A and 9-19 in row B are considered to be ‘premium’ seats. These seats are considered to be the best in the section. None available None available

Seat Price Map

This Theatre Royal Haymarket seating chart is a little out of date (for up to the minute accuracy use the one at the top of the page) but is very useful with the table above for getting a handle on price brackets.
Theatre Royal Haymarket seat prices