Apollo Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Apollo Theatre seating plan
Officially opening its doors in 1901, the Apollo Theatre is located on Shaftesbury Avenue and is a popular venue for short-run plays and small musicals. Built with a Renaissance exterior design, the interior is an homage to Greek Gods and is exceptionally ornate. Seating 658 across three levels; the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle, the Apollo Theatre is one of the West End’s more intimate playhouses. Boxes are dotted across the auditorium, all of which face the stage side on. Seating curves in a horseshoe shape around the stage, which can at times restrict the view in seats at the ends of rows. Views are generally good throughout the theatre, with some bargains to be found too. Check out our seating chart below, which gives a detailed breakdown of prices and the quality of view. It is worth noting that due to the intimacy of the theatre, views are predominantly clear and unrestricted. Please note that ticket prices depend on the show booking, with previews often priced slightly cheaper.
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle Grand Circle
£97.50-£95.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats are located in 7-16 of rows E-K of the Stalls. These are in the front-centre of the seating and are central to the action, ensuring an exceptional overall view of the stage without any restrictions. A good rake ensures you can see past anyone in front. These seats are located in rows A-C of the Dress Circle, roughly seats 12-20. They are central to the stage without any restrictions, and you can see past anyone in front. The intimacy of the theatre allows you to see every detail, including facial expressions. These are good seats for musicals. Not available.
£72.00-£69.50 Band A The majority of the Stalls are this price, as views are good throughout. A decent rake allows you to see above those in front and there are no further restrictions. Seats at this price offer a similar view to the premiums, so it can be worth purchasing these instead. Rows T-X are located behind in a separate block, which creates extra legroom for Row T but can make viewing feel slightly distant. Most of the seats in the Dress Circle are top price as the view cannot be beaten! There are virtually no restrictions, aside from seats at the ends of rows. A steep rake allows you to see over those in front, with the clear, panoramic view making these seats a good option for musicals. Boxes are also this price, although they face the stage side on and you may need to lean forward to see. Not available.
£52.00-£49.50 Band B Row X is this price as it feels distant from the stage and is partially affected by the Dress Circle overhang. However, seats in this row are good for those looking to purchase bargain tickets, as you can still see most of the stage without any difficulty. Not available. Boxes and the majority of the Grand Circle comes under this price bracket, aside from the rear row and seats at the ends of rows. These are the best seats in the Grand Circle, as they are still fairly central and offer a clear, but distant, view of the stage. Row A is restricted as the safety barrier cuts off the very front of the stage.
£37.50-£35.00 Band C Not available. Seats toward the ends of rows A-D are this price, as the rows curve in a horseshoe shape, cutting off parts of the stage. However, there are minimal restrictions and these can be excellent options for those on a budget. Be aware that you may need to lean and legroom could feel cramped! Row F is this price due to being distant from the stage and partially blocked by those in front. Seats at the ends of each row are also this price as they curve in a horseshoe shape, which can restrict moments. Please note that Row A is restricted by a safety barrier. There is very limited legroom in these seats.  
£20.00 Band D Day Seats are located in Row A of the Stalls, offering excellent views of the entire stage. It is worth noting that the Apollo Theatre stage is slightly high, so you could be craning your neck. Not available. Not available.