Mythos A Trilogy: Heroes

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See living legend tell the tales of Greek heroes with Mythos tickets at the London Palladium

Stephen Fry brings his incomparable knack for storytelling to the London Palladium with Heroes, the second part of Mythos A Trilogy. Set against a backdrop of quests and bravery, Heroes hits the Palladium on 14th September 2019.

The second instalment after Gods, Fry’s Heroes is a standalone piece recounting the exploits of Perseus, Heracles and Theseus. Expect plenty of love, war and debauchery combined with Fry’s trademark wit and charm.

Expected to be a totally immersive evening from one of our most famous voices, Heroes can thrill on its own or be watched alongside Gods and Men to complete the set. Heroes is on at the London Palladium on 14th September only.

Child Friendly

The age recommendation for Heroes is to be confirmed.