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Arguably the most famous theatre and variety house in the West End, the London Palladium first opened in 1910, built by Walter Gibbons and redesigned by prolific theatre architect Frank Matcham. One of the largest theatres in London, the Palladium has undergone several refurbishments and updates to ensure the best sight-lines and most lavish interior. With a vast seating capacity of 2,286, the London Palladium is built across three levels; the Stalls, Royal Circle and Upper Circle. There are a mixture of views on offer throughout the theatre, with the best tending to be in the Royal Circle. A bonus of the venue is that there are clear sight-lines throughout, with almost no obstructions. Bargain seats can be found in the Upper Circle if you don’t mind being a little distant from the action! Check our price chart below, which gives a detailed look at the types of view you will get for the ticket you buy. Please note that prices vary depending on the production playing at the London Palladium, and if the performance is at peak time. Below is a rough guide that may differ depending on these factors.
Ticket Price Stalls Royal Circle Upper Circle
£95.00-£80.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats are in rows G-J, roughly seats 13-31. These seats are central and head-on to the stage, with no restrictions and a decent rake that allows you to see past those in front. Due to the height of the stage, these seats are far enough back to see everything as well as close-up detail.   These seats are located in rows A-C, seats 13-31. They are central to the stage, head-on without any obstructions. If watching a large-scale musical production, it can be preferable to sit here to get a great, panoramic view of the whole stage. Not available.
£65.00-£55.00 The majority of the Stalls are top price, due to the excellent views on offer. A decent rake ensures you have a clear, unobstructed view past those in front. Sit as centrally as possible around midway through the seating to get the best overall view of the stage.   Rows A-H of the Royal Circle fall under this price bracket, as a steep rake allows for a clear, unobstructed view of the stage, allowing you to see details. It can be beneficial to sit further along the row for extra legroom. There is a slight curve that does not affect the view.   Not available.
£55.00-£50.00 Seats in rows R-V fall under this pricing category, as they begin to feel a little distant from the stage and are partially affected by the Royal Circle overhang. Sit in the centre of Row T for the best view in this price range. Rows I-J are this price, as they begin to feel distant from the stage, and those in front may slightly block the view. There are two seats toward the end of each row that are this price, as the curve means that seats face the stage side on, blocking off minimal parts of action.   Not available.
£45.00-£40.00 Rows W-XX are this price, as they are affected by the Royal Circle overhang that cuts off part of the stage. The stage begins to feel distant from here and it can be tricky to see past those in front. However these are good bargain seats for those who don’t mind missing a little detail.   Rows K-L are this price, due to being further back from the stage. A decent rake means you can see through gaps between those in front of you, and although there is very limited legroom, these are great bargain seats. Seats toward the ends of every row are this price due to facing the stage slightly side on. Not available.
£40.00-£35.00 Not available. Not available. Rows C-H are this price as you get a good, clear view of the stage from here. However it may feel slightly distant and will be difficult to see detail. These are good bargain seats for those on a strict budget!  
£30.00-£25.00 Not available. Not available. Rows I-M fall under this price as they are the furthest away from the stage. Although there aren’t necessarily any restrictions, the stage feels very distant and it is difficult to see detail. Legroom may be slightly restricted up here too.  
£20.00-£15.00 Not available. Not available. Seats at this price are located in rows A-B, where the stage is obstructed by safety rails and technical equipment. It may be very difficult to see the stage from these seats.  
£15.00 (Standing) Standing spaces are located at the rear of the Stalls, behind Row XX. Due to the Royal Circle overhang, these seats may not be the best option, and you may end up missing a lot of action. Purchase these as a last resort!   Not available. Not available.
Day Seats Not available. Not available. Not available.