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Lyceum Theatre seat prices
The Lyceum Theatre is one of the largest West End play houses, seating just over 2000 people over three levels. The design of the auditorium allows top quality views across all levels, with very few restricted seats throughout the house. The larger Stalls section fans out away from the stage, divided into three seating blocks, of which the central block gives the best overall views of the stage. The Royal Circle and Upper Circle are both divided into three sections, with more expensive seats towards the front and centre of each block. The Stalls section is 4 steps below street level, with the Dress Circle up 32 steps and the Upper Circle up 85. Legroom and comfort throughout the venue are good, and each section feels roomy and comfortable. The beautiful artwork around the auditorium creates a sense of grandeur that develops a sense of occasion.
LYCEUM THEATRE Stalls Royal Circle Grand Circle
£25 - £37.50 None available Row AA slips, 1-6: These seats run down the auditorium, offering a side on view of the stage. They are the closest seats to the stage for this price, but they are restricted due to their side-on view Standing: These run across the back of the Grand Circle, and are very high and far from the action.Cheaper seats are around the front of the section, nearest the aisles and are partially restricted by safety rails.Rows L-M: The final two rows of the section, highest in the theatre. Best seats are towards the centre.Rows G-K: Middle section of seats, with G being closest to the stage and best value for money.
£40-£50 The back 5 rows of the Stalls (W-ZA), underneath the Circle overhang. Seats closer to the stage are at the ends of each row and can provide a more side on view of the stage. The final three rows in this section, which are further from the stage and are under the overhang of the level above. These seats are not as clear as Stalls seats at same price. The front 6 rows of this section, rows A- F are within this price category. Provide good views of the stage, just further back and higher than the Royal Circle. Good Value for money as most are unrestricted and offer clear sight-lines.
£60 Seats in all three blocks at this price, towards the centre of each smaller section. These provide unrestricted views of the stage with a clear line of vision throughout. Rows A-K. Most of the Royal Circle is priced at this amount, as fantastic views are available all round. Seats towards the back of the section are further from the stage, and seats towards the centre provide better overall views. None available
£62.50 - £90 Rows G-L, 12-25. These seats are marked as premium and provide the best views of the stage. Central stalls, in the middle block of seats, giving the clearest view of the stage. Row C 12-26, Row B 13-26: These seats are marked as premium and provide the best view of the stage in this section. None available