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Palace Theatre Seating Price
The Palace Theatre was built in 1891 and originally opened as the Royal English Opera House. The Theatre is wonderfully ornate on the outside and in, with a renaissance façade and a grand, sweeping marble staircase from the foyer to the Dress Circle. The Palace Theatre has around 1,400 seats across four levels, the Stalls, Dress Circle, Grand Circle and Balcony. The Stalls and Dress Circle generally have a great view of the stage, however the Balcony can feel very high up and a distant from the action. Check out our seating plan below for detailed seating advice. Please note that pricing depends heavily on the production.
Palace Theatre Stalls Dress Circle Grand Circle Balcony
£15 - 25 None available None available Side seats in rows A and B are in the top section of this price category. These seats are advertised as having a restricted view. All balcony tickets are within this price category. Seats in the central section of the Balcony are at the top end of the price category as they offer a better view of the stage. Seats at the side of the balcony are cheaper but are awkward for viewing the stage. Please note that the Balcony is very high up, so theatregoers with vertigo may want to pay the extra to sit a few levels further down.All Balcony seats have a restricted view.
£35-£55 Beginning and end seats in rows B-K are at the higher end of this price bracket. These seats have a side angle view which may provide viewing restrictions during various moments of the show. On Monday-Thursday the first and last  two seats in rows A-C are priced at £55. These are more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays. The first row in the Grand Circle is priced at around £40. These seats will have a fair view of the stage but have a safety rail sight restriction. The rest of the Grand Circle is around £50. Seats at this level will have a good view of the stage but may feel quite high up from the stage.  None available
£60-65 Other than the restricted view seats listed above and the premium seats listed below, the majority of Stalls seats are within this price categories. The majority of these seats will have an excellent view of the stage, with the best seats at this price tending to be the centre of rows I-L.Please note that for Singin’ In The Rain, rows A-E are within the ‘Splash Zone’ – audience members in these seats may get wet! On Fridays and Saturdays the first and last two seats of rows A-C are priced at £60. These seats have a small viewing restriction.Other than the premium seats listed below, the entirety of the Dress Circle is within this price category. Dress Circle seats have a good, clear view of the stage. None available None available
£85 Premium seats are located in seats 10-21 in rows F-H. These seats have the best view of the stage in the section. Seats 11-26 in rows B-C and 12-24 in row D are listed are sold as premium seats. These seats will have an excellent view of the stage. None available