13 Nov 2013
Strangers on a train

Strangers On A Train review

  With an iconic name like Alfred Hitchcock tangled up with Strangers On A Train, it is hard to disassociate the stage play from the 1950’s film of the same name. However I feel this was precisely the problem that director Robert Allan Ackerman and designers Tim Goodchild and Tim Lutkin had...

7 Nov 2013
Jeeves and Wooster Robert Webb Mark Heap

Jeeves and Wooster review

This show is whimsical farce if ever I were to indulge in one! There really isn’t anything not to like  about the Goodale Brothers’ Jeeves and Wooster in The Perfect Nonsense, unless of course you are devoid of all humour and joy. Based on P.G Wodehouse’s well known tales of good old Jeeves...

25 Oct 2013
From Here to Eternity 430x300

From Here To Eternity review

  Tim Rice is back in the game after a 13 year hiatus with his latest foray into musical theatre, From Here To Eternity! The show is derived from James Jones’ novel and 8 time Academy Award winning blockbuster of the same name, both depicting events surrounding the 1941 bombing of Pearl...


George RR Martin's fantasy epic Game of Thrones is being adapted for the stage. Here's what to expect!

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