• Air-conditioning: As the theatre is open air there is no air conditioning in place. Please note that are also no heaters, so it is worth bringing a coat or blanket on a cold day.
  • Food & Drink: There are shops inside the foyer that sell sandwiches which can be taken into the theatre. There are also bars that serve drinks that can also be taken into the theatre provided they are in plastic containers. Theatregoers can bring in their own food and drink to the auditorium so long as they do not bring in any glass.


There is a luggage cloakroom for large items.


Cushions are available for hire for £1 but these are to provide general comfort to audience members of all ages and do not act as booster cushions. Audience members are welcome to bring their own cushions.


The Globe is attached to a restaurant which serves food throughout the day and includes a pre and post theatre menu.


There are plenty of areas in which soft and alcoholic drinks can be purchased. Prices:
  • Wine starts at around £5 per glass
  • A pint of beer is approximately £4
  • Single spirits and a mixer is around £4


There is a shop in the foyer of the Globe that sells merchandise and confectionery. There are also plenty of food outlets within the theatre from which you can buy more substantial snacks and meals. Prices:
  • A burger from the grill is £6
  • Ice cream is around £3
  • Programmes - £4
  • Shakespeare’s Globe: The souvenir guide - £5
  • The Pocket guide to Plays - £8.99
  • Show DVD - £19.99
  • Souvenir mug - £8
  • Souvenir book mark - £2.50
  • Greeting cards - £4


Toilets are located in the foyer of the theatre and there are two disabled toilets available as well as a disabled toilet in the Swan