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Emlyn Williams’ 1950 play Accolade is the tale of a recently knighted novelist who’s reputation comes under threat from a blackmailer.

Written over 60 years ago and containing rather adult themes, Accolade was somewhat shocking in its day.

Alexander Handon stars as Will Trenting, with Abigail Cuttenden as his wife Rona. Further casting includes Bruce Alexander as Daker, Sam Clemmett as Ian Trenting, Claire Cox as Marion Tillyard, Daniel Crossley as Albert, Olivia Darnley as Phyllis, Jay Taylor as Harold and Jay Villiers as Thane Lampeter.

The show is deemed to be filled with suspense and sublime Drama, don’t miss it#s limited run at the St James Theatre!

Child Friendly?

Accolade is a tense and thrilling piece of drama that is not aimed at children. However teenagers, accompanied by an adult, may enjoy this piece of theatre.

Seating Tips

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