• Air Conditioning: The Theatre Royal Drury Lane does not have air conditioning.
  • Food & Drink: Whilst snacks and drinks can be taken into the auditorium there are some rules as to what is permitted and what is not. Glass is strictly prohibited, so any drinks purchased from the bar must be transferred into plastic cups. Hot food is also banned from the auditorium and theatre as a whole. Snacks such as confectionery and crisps are permitted.
  • Binoculars: There are binoculars’ in the Upper Circle and Balcony. These cost £1 to hire.


There is a cloakroom within the theatre and items cost £1 to put away throughout the show.


There is a limited supply of booster cushions available however these are only given to children under a certain height and are not available in the Upper Circle and Balcony levels.


As the theatre is so vast and spread across many levels, there are a large number of bars. There is the Stalls bar, a Stalls coffee bar, the Grand Saloon on the Royal Circle Level,one Upper Circle Bars and two Balcony bars. Prices:
  • White wine – Solandia Grillo - £5.40 (175ml) £7.70 (250ml) £23 (bottle)
  • Sauvignon Blanc - £5.90 (175ml) £8.40 (250ml) £25 (bottle)
  • Pinot Grigio - £6.10 (175ml) £ 8.70 (250ml)  £26 (bottle)
  • Rosé Wine - £6.10 (175ml) £8.70 (250ml) £26 (bottle)
  • Prosecco - £8.50 (200ml glass) £32 (bottle)
  • Champagne - (Louis Dornier et Fils Brut) £9 (125ml) £54 (bottle)
  • Kir Royal Champagne Cocktail - £10
  • Merlot - £5.90 (175ml) £8.40 (250ml) £25 bottle
  • Stella Artois- £4.50 (440ml can)
  • Red Stripe - £4.50 (440ml can)


There are retail outlets at every level of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Prices:
  • Souvenir Programme - £6
  • CD - £16
  • Keyring - £7
  • Magnet - £5
  • Mug £8
  • T-shirt - £14-16
  • Confectionery (e.g bags of Wine Gums, Maltesers etc) - £3.20


Male and female toilets are accessible from all levels of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, and access adapted toilets are situated at Stalls level.

The above information was sourced from a trip to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in August 2012. Prices are subject to vary over time with the change of shows.