Theatre Royal Drury Lane tickets

Seating Plan

Theatre Royal Drury Lane seating plan
One of London’s oldest and most haunted theatres, the Theatre Royal Drury Lane is a huge venue located in the heart of Covent Garden. With the site dating back to the early 1660’s, the building as we now know it is a product of many reconstructions and redesigns, best known for hosting large-scale musicals. With a seating capacity of 2,196, the theatre is split across four vast levels, including the Stalls, Royal Circle, Grand Circle and Balcony. There are a variety of views on offer, and due to the largeness of the stage, Grand Circle seats can offer some great bargains, whilst the Royal Circle is the best overall place to sit. Support pillars are located at the very rear of the sections, but do not offer any real restrictions. Be aware that the Balcony is very steep and has limited legroom! Check out our price chart below, which details the sort of view you can get for the price you pay!
Ticket Price Stalls Royal Circle Grand Circle Balcony
£125.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats can be found in the centre of rows F-L and face the stage head-on. These seats are the best in the theatre, offering close-up views without any restrictions. Sit here for the best experience.   Roughly seats 12-26 of rows A-C are premium price, and can be worth sitting in over Stall seats of a similar price, especially for large-scale musicals. There are no restrictions from safety rails or those in front.   Not available. Not available.
£75.00 Most of the Stalls are this price, due to the excellent views throughout. Sit as centrally as possible, as the stage is very vast and you want the most panoramic view possible. Be aware that the stage is high, so rows AA-D may force you to look up.   The majority of the Royal Circle falls under this price category, as this is the best seating section in the theatre. It is worth sitting here over similarly priced seats in the Stalls, as the stage is vast and you will get a panoramic view from here. A good rake ensures those in front will not block the view.   Not available. Not available.
£65.00 Rows X-Y are this price, as they are further back in the Stalls and the Royal Circle overhang comes in to sight. This may not necessarily affect any enjoyment, but it may be difficult to see detail from here. Sit in Row X for extra legroom.   Not available. Rows A-G of the Grand Circle are this price, due to being the better seats in the section. A decent rake ensures you can see past those in front, although you may not be able to make out any detail. Sit as centrally as possible, possibly in rows A-D.   Not available.
£55.00 Rows YY-Z are this price, as they are affected by the overhang of the Royal Circle and a distraction from the sound desk, which is in the centre of the rows. You will struggle to see detail from here and the rake evens out, but these are good budget seats.   Not available. Rows H-L fall under this price, as they are affected by the Balcony overhang and are distant from the stage, making it difficult to see facial expressions. If you sit in Row H, however, you will have just as good a view as Row G, but for a cheaper price! Boxes are also this price, as you may need to lean to see the stage, and it may feel very distant.   Not available.
£35.00 Row ZZ is this price, as it is severely restricted view due to the Royal Circle overhang, which cuts off a large portion of the stage. The sound desk also sits between seats 14 and 24, and could be distracting for some audience members. Legroom is also very restricted. Only sit here if on a tight budget.   Not available. Seats at this price in the Grand Circle are all restricted view, located behind safety rails and pillars. Slip seats in Row A are this price as you have to face the stage side on, but these are a better option than restricted view seats in rows K-L. The centre of the Balcony between rows C-J is this price, as a steep rake ensures you can see past those in front, but the stage still seems very distant and it is difficult to see detail. Sit in seats 13-27 for the best possible view at this price.
£25.00 Not available. Not available. Not available. Boxes in this section are all this price as they are very distant from the stage and it may be difficult to see any detail. Rows A-E are restricted view due to safety rails, but if you lean forward you should be able to see. Rows K-L are very distant from the stage and also have severely restricted legroom.  
Day Seats Not available. Not available. Not available. Not available.