• Air Conditioning: The Theatre is air-conditioned.
  • Food & Drink: Snacks and drinks in plastic containers are allowed in the auditorium, however hot food is prohibited. Drinks purchased from the bar must be transferred into plastic if they are being taken inside the auditorium.


There are cloakroom facilities in which larger items such as pushchairs or suitcases can be stored.


Unfortunately there are no booster cushions available at present.


There are three licensed bars within the theatre; the Stalls Bar, Royal Circle Bar and the Upper Circle/ Gallery Bar. Prices:
  • Stella (330ml) - £4
  • Stowford Cider (330ml) - £4
  • Doom Bar (500ml) - £4.40
  • Sauvignon Blanc - £4.80 (125ml glass) £5.50 (175ml glass) £19.50 (bottle)
  • Pinot Grigio - £4.80 (125ml glass) £5.50 (175ml glass) £19.50 (bottle)
  • Merlot: £4.80 (125ml glass) £5.50 (175ml glass) £19.50 (bottle)
  • Pinot Noir - £4.80 (125ml glass) £5.50 (175ml glass) £19.50 (bottle)
  • Zinfandel Rose - £4.80 (125ml glass) £5.50 (175ml glass) £19.50 (bottle)
  • Prosecco - £7.50 (glass) £35 (bottle)
  • Champagne - £30 (half bottle) £60 (bottle)
  • Soft drinks are around £3.
  • Tap water is available on request.
  • The bar also sells tea and coffee.


There are several retail outlets selling merchandise and confectionery across the theatre. Prices:
  • Ice Creams - £3.50
  • Programmes - £4
  • Confectionery is priced at around £3.50.


The Theatre Royal Haymarket has toilets in the Stalls, Royal Circle and Upper Circle. Balcony audience members can use the Upper Circle facilities. The access adapted toilet is situated at the back of the Stalls.

The information on this page was sourced from a trip to the Theatre Royal Haymarket in September 2012.