Theatre Royal Haymarket tickets

Seating Plan

Theatre Royal Haymarket seating plan
One of the West End’s oldest venues, the Theatre Royal Haymarket dates back to 1720 and is situated a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly Circus. Best known for hosting short runs of plays, the venue has often been remodelled and restored, hosting a luxurious blue interior that is different to most London theatres. With a moderate seating capacity of 893, the theatre is incredibly tall and narrow, built across the Stalls, Royal Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery. Various views are on offer, with the best located in the Royal Circle, where the intimacy of the theatre allows for completely clear views. Avoid the Gallery where possible, as seating is in wooden benches that make for uncomfortable viewing. Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you will get for the ticket you buy!
Ticket Price Stalls Royal Circle Upper Circle Gallery
£95.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats are located in rows F-H, roughly seats 3-19. These seats are central, facing the stage head on and providing a clear, unrestricted view of the stage.   The centre of rows A-C are premium price, roughly seats 9-20. These are often worth purchasing over seats for the same price in the Stalls, as it feels close to the action, you can see every detail and a steep rake ensures you can see past those in front of you.   Not available. Not available.
£65.00 Most of the Stalls falls under this price, from rows B-T. There’s a gradual rake that allows you to see past those in front, and the rows face the stage head-on, ensuring no side views, even at the ends of rows.   The majority of seats in the Royal Circle are this price, as it is an intimate section that allows you to see close-up detail, even from Row H. Sit in the centre of rows D-E for the best overall view. Be aware that legroom is limited, so potentially opt for an aisle seat!   Not available. Not available.
£55.00 Rows V-X are this price, as the Royal Circle overhang begins to affect the view, although this may not be an issue for some. The rake begins to even out here, but these are still worth purchasing.   Seats at the very ends of rows A-F are this price, as the rows curve in a horseshoe shape, which means you get a side view of the stage, plus legroom is limited. However, you can still see over those in front and these are not restricted view seats.   Not available. Not available.
£45.00 Not available. Not available. The centre of the Upper Circle is this price, as these are the best possible views available in the section. A steep rake ensures you can see past those in front, however it will be difficult to make out any detail.   Not available.
£35.00 Not available. Seats 1-2 and 30-31 of Row A are this price, as they face the stage completely side on, causing you to lean forward to see. A safety rail in front will also restrict the view.   Row G is this price as it is the rear row of the seating and it is difficult to see detail from here. The Gallery overhang is also in view and there is restricted legroom. However, these are decent for cheap seats.   Not available.
£30.00 Not available. Not available. These seats are restricted view, located toward the ends of rows A-F. Due to the sharp curve of the seating, these seats face the stage side on, which may cause some moments to be missed.   Not available.
£15.00 Not available. Not available. Seats at this price are at the very ends of rows A-D and are restricted view due to the curve of the seating, causing some moments to be completely obscured.   All of the Gallery is this price, as seating is wooden benches with cushions, making for very uncomfortable viewing with limited legroom. Although there are not necessarily any restrictions from here, this section is far away from the stage and it is very difficult to see any detail.  
Day Seats (£15.00) Day Seats are located in Row A of the Stalls. Due to the height of the stage, you may need to slightly crane your neck, but these are bargain seats worth queuing for!   Not available. Not available. Not available.