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Transferring from a successful run at the Young Vic Theatre, Golem is a visually arresting, multimedia extravaganza by Theatre Company 1927.

With projections, wacky costume, extreme lighting and highly stylised performances, Golem is an avant garde treat for it’s audience.

Golem tells the tale of Robert Robertson, a slightly sinister chap who lives with his grandmother and sister and works at a tech company called Binary Back. Robert has a madcap inventor friend by the name of Phil Sylocate, from whom he always purchases his latest creations, one of which purchases a “Golem.”

A Golem is a robot companion, somewhat like a walking talking iPhone with a plethora of helpful suggestions and a penchant for Benedict Cumberbatch. Sure!

Like all modern things, Golem must be updated. What happens when version 2 is unleashed on the world?

Transferring from the Young Vic after a hugely successful run, Golem now arrives at the Trafalgar Studios for 5 weeks.


Child Friendly?

Golem is not aimed at children however youths aged over the age of 12 may enjoy the show if accompanied by an adult.

Seating Tips

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