Vaudeville Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Vaudeville Theatre seating plan
First opening in 1870, the Vaudeville Theatre is located on the Strand and has undergone many redesigns and renovations over the years. A relatively small theatre designed by C. J. Phipps, the venue is known for hosting small plays and comedies. Retaining its Victorian exterior, the interior is decorated in a plush red velvet design. With a small seating capacity of 690, the theatre is built across three levels, including the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle. Due to the narrow structure and intimacy of the theatre, the views are predominantly good across the board, with the Stalls and Dress Circle mostly compromising top price tickets. Bargain seats can be found in the Grand Circle, where there are no viewing restrictions! Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you will get for the price you pay.
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle Grand Circle
£85.00-£80.00 (Premium Seats) Premiums are located in seats 5-14 of rows F-K of the Stalls. These seats are central, offering a head-on, completely clear view of the stage. A steep rake ensures those in front will not obstruct the view, and the legroom is very good.   Not available. Not available.
£67.50-£59.50 Most of the Stalls fall under this price, as there are clear sight-lines throughout. A steep rake allows you to see over those in front, and a narrow auditorium ensures that all views are head-on and completely clear. Sit anywhere in the Stalls for an exceptional view!   All seats in the Dress Circle are this price, as there are exceptional views on offer. A steep rake allows you to see over those in front. There is a completely clear, unrestricted view from all seats, with a narrow auditorium ensuring all seats are head-on. Sit as centrally as possible. Be aware that legroom may be slightly restricted! Boxes are also this price, with boxes B and D restricted view due to facing the stage side on.   Not available.
£54.50-£49.50 Rows P-S are this price as the Dress Circle overhang is in view of the stage and the rake begins to even out here. However, neither of these things drastically impact the view, and it is worth sitting in Row P for a great view! Be aware that the sound desk is in the centre of rows R-S, which some may find distracting.   Not available. Not available.
£40.00-£35.00 Not available. Not available. Rows A-F of the Grand Circle are this price, as although they are not necessarily restricted, they may feel distant and it may be difficult to see detail from here. Row A is restricted view due to a safety rail, which may force you to lean forward to see the stage.  
£25.00-£20.00 Not available. Not available. Rows G-J are this price, as they are distant from the stage and it can be difficult to see detail. However, you do get a clear view of the stage from these seats, making them excellent bargain seats! Be aware that you may have to sacrifice legroom.  
Day Seats (£20.00) Stall seats are given away at Box Office direction, typically in the front few rows.   Not available. Not available.