The Life I Lead

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If you missed Miles Jupp’s acclaimed performance last time, here’s another chance with The Life I Lead tickets

After touring the UK to positive reviews and acclaim, Miles Jupp reprises his role in James Kettle’s play The Life I Lead at the Wyndham’s Theatre this September.

The Life I Lead tells the incredible story of Disney actor David Tomlinson, who is best known for his roles as Mr Banks in Mary Poppins and Professor Browne in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. As well as being an actor, Tomlinson was a World War Two fighter pilot and also fought to have his son recognised as the first case of autism in Britain. Becoming known for playing fathers, Tomlinson’s own father was hiding a tragicomic secret.

Miles Jupp reprises his role as Tomlinson. Jupp is known for his stand-up comedy appearances as well as his screen appearances in Outnumbered, The Thick of It, and The Crown.

The Life I Lead is written by James Kettle, with co-direction by Selina Cadell and Didi Hopkins.

A comic and moving tale about fathers and sons, The Life I Lead is a story which will cross generations and fill in the blanks behind a recognisable face. Don’t miss it when it comes to the Wyndham’s Theatre London from September 16th.

Child Friendly

The age recommendation for The Life I Lead is to be announced.