Air Conditioning: The Ambassadors Theatre is air-conditioned. Food & Drink: Snacks and drinks in plastic containers are allowed in the auditorium, however hot food is prohibited. Like most West End theatres, no glass is allowed in the auditorium so drinks purchased from the bar must be transferred into plastic cups if they are to be taken inside the seating area. Binoculars: As the theatre is small, each level has a good view of the stage so there are no binoculars.  


Booster cushions are available in the auditorium for smaller children.


There are two bars, the Stalls Bar and the Circle bar. These bars are only accessible via stairs but drinks can be taken into the auditorium to patrons in wheel chairs.  It is also worth noting that Stomp does not have an interval so all drinks must be purchased before the start of the show.  Prices:
  • Wine by the glass - £6
  • Champagne - £47 (750ml bottle)
  • Bottled Beer - £4-£5
  • Bombay Sapphire gin (25ml) - £3.50-£4
  • Mixers - £1.75
  • Coke and other fizzy drinks - £2.00
  • J20 - £2.75
  • Tap water is available on request from the bar


Merchandise prices:
  • Programmes - £3.50
  • Souvenir Brochure - £8
  • Pringles - £2
  • Sweets - £3
  • Ice Cream - £3


Male and female toilets are located in the Stalls and Circle. There are no access adapted toilets.

The information on this page was sourced from an email to an Ambassadors Theatre manager in October 2012. Prices are subject to vary over time. I would also like to add that the Ambassadors were extremely easy to get hold of and were very helpful.