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An all-star cast leads this epic revival of one of Sondheim’s most popular musicals, don’t miss Sweeney Todd tickets

Reprising their roles from a highly successful run at New York’s Lincoln Centre, Bryn Terfel and Emma Thompson become Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett for a London Audience.*

Sweeney Todd is Stephen Sondheim’s most murderous musical, all the while hailed as a true classic with a heartfelt score. Sondheim and book writer Hugh Wheeler adapted the concept from the Victorian Penny Dreadful publications.

Sondheim and Wheeler’s Sweeney Todd is set in Victorian London and tells the tale of fictional character, Sweeney Todd, a Fleet Street Barber of questionable morals. Sweeney rents a room above a pie shop to start (or continue…) working as a barber. Soon into his tenancy he strikes up a sordid deal with pie shop owner, Mrs Lovett, who suspects she has met Todd before…

The pair begins a sick but mutually beneficial arrangement in which Todd kills his customers, later sending them downstairs to Mrs Lovett’s pie shop to be used as pie meat. Unfortunately their sweet arrangement becomes somewhat complicated as suspicions rise and Todd’s true background is revealed.

Sweeney Todd contains critically acclaimed musical numbers such as “The Worst Pies in London,” “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd,” “Epiphany,” and “God That’s Good.”

Previously performed with the New York Philharmonic, Sweeney Todd: The Deamon Barber of Fleet Street, A Musical Thriller, arrives at the London Coliseum as part of the English National Opera’s partnership with the GradeLinnit Company.

Check out our interview with Brian Terfel and Emma Thompson from the Sweeney Todd Press Launch.

*Please note : this production is SEMI staged.

Child Friendly

Sweeney Todd is a tale of gruesome murder, in which people are chopped up and baked in pies and then eaten. This is not a show for children!