We Will Rock You

Buy We Will Rock You musical tickets and experience the global phenomenon during its spectacular homecoming

21 years since it first burst onto the stage, the epic We Will Rock You musical returns to London. Get ready to hear the distinctive chants and beats of Queen’s biggest hits in this epic show at the London Coliseum

In a dystopian near-future, Earth is now the iPlanet. Everyone wears the same clothes, thinks the same thoughts, and listens to the same computer-generated music, but a small group of Bohemians are brave enough to stand up against the Killer Queen and fight for their freedom. 

The We Will Rock You musical combines Queen’s greatest hits with eye-popping stage effects and a witty but thoughtful story to create an epic musical that blows the roof off of any theatre it visits. 

Featuring spectacular live performances of “Radio Ga Ga”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and many more, Ben Elton and Queen’s crowd-rallying musical has been enjoyed by 20 million fans in 28 countries since 2002, and now promises to pack a show-stopping punch at its biggest venue yet. 

Ben Elton was at the forefront of the 1980s alternative comedy movement and contributed to shows such as The Young Ones and Blackadder. Most recently his hit TV sitcom Upstart Crow was a popular West End comedy starring David Mitchell. 

Queen are one of the world’s biggest-ever rock bands, with a back catalogue of wildly inventive and boundary-pushing songs. Lead singer Freddie Mercury already has a connection to We Will Rock You’s new West End home, the London Coliseum: he famously performed there with the Royal Ballet for a special gig in 1979. 

The cast of We Will Rock You in London includes Ben Elton as the Rebel Leader, Loose Women panelist Brenda Edwards as Killer Queen and Lee Mead as Khashoggi. 

Don’t miss your chance to rebel with the Bohemians! This incredible show is back in London for just 12 weeks over summer 2023.

Child friendly?

The age rating for We Will Rock You musical is to be confirmed.