Regent's Park Open Air Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Regent's Park Open Air Theatre seating plan
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is unlike any other London venues. Situated in the heart of Regent’s Park and originally founded in 1932, it is an outdoor theatre, completely uncovered from natural weather. It is built in a large amphitheatre style, with tiers of seating facing down at a semi-circular stage. With a seating capacity of 1,200, the Open Air Theatre hosts a variety of productions throughout spring and summer, from children’s shows to large-scale musicals. Due to the build of the theatre, there are excellent views on offer throughout, with a decent rake ensuring those in front will not affect the view. However, due to the expansive seating, seats toward the rear of the auditorium will seem distant from the stage and detail will be difficult to make out. Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you can get for the price you pay. For specific prices, please check out the Open Air Theatre’s official website. Please note that prices drastically change depending on the show booking.
Ticket Prices Stalls
Premium Price Premium price seats are located in rows E-G, roughly seats 18-27. They are centrally located and face the stage head-on, allowing for a completely clear, panoramic view of the entire stage. A steep rake ensures those in front of you will not obstruct the view. Those who want the best experience should opt for these seats!
Price Band A Most of the theatre falls under this price band, as the way it is structured means that there are amazing views on offer. Rows A-I are all this price, as they are closest to the stage and the curve of the seating is not strict enough to cause side on views. Sit as centrally as possible for the best experience. The centre of rows J-Q are also this price, as the curve is more strict in these rows, causing seats at the ends of rows to be cheaper. Those who like a full-on panoramic view should sit further back.  
Price Band B Seats at this price are located on the outskirts of the second tier of seating, in the centre of rows R-S and the edges of rows J-Q. These are middle-price seats that are often the best bet for those purchasing tickets on a budget. You will get a clear, panoramic view of the stage from here, especially if sat toward the centre, in seats 24-72. Seats either side of these will face the stage side on, although this may not affect your enjoyment.  
Price Band C Most of Row T is this price, as it is the rear row of the seating and is therefore most distant from the stage. You can still see everything, due to the steep rake, although details such as facial expressions may be difficult to make out. Seats toward the ends of rows are also this price, often facing the stage on but not necessarily restricting any action. These would be good choices for bargain hunters!  
Price Band D Seats at this price are found toward either end of the semi-circle, facing the stage completely side on. Although this may not be a problem for some, it means you are looking at the stage on a stark side angle, which means that some moments will be restricted view. The distance from the stage may also mean that you will struggle to see detail.  
Price Band E These are the lowest price seats, found at the very ends of rows P-T. These seats face the stage side on, restricting moments and obscuring detail. Seats 20-24 and 62-66 or Row O are also this price, as they are restricted view due to a safety rail. It may be worth purchasing these seats over similarly priced ones at the ends of the rows, just to ensure you are getting a more central view. Only purchase tickets in this band if on a strict budget.