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Built in 1905 as a pair with the Waldorf Theatre, now known as the Novello Theatre, the Aldwych Theatre is best known for hosting large-scale musicals. The theatre is designed in a Baroque style, with a luxurious interior. With a seating capacity of 1,200 split across three levels; the Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle, the Aldwych is one of London’s larger theatres. There are steps to reach each section in the auditorium, which offers a wide variety of views. Rows curve gradually around the stage, which can allow for excellent views from the centre and varied views from the ends of rows. Check out our seating price chart below, which highlights the ticket prices and the views you can get for each price. Please note that ticket prices dramatically vary from weekdays to Saturdays and matinees. It is worth double checking that you are getting the best deal before booking.
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle Upper Circle
£127.50 (Premium Seats) Premium seats can be found in rows F-J, roughly seats 10-15. These seats are slap-bang in the centre of the Stalls and are the best seats in the theatre. There’s an exceptional view of the stage, with clear sight-lines and a decent rake. Seats at this price are in Row A, seats 8-26. Seats 17-20 are less expensive due to the restriction of the safety rail and technical equipment. Premiums can also be found in seats 7-18 of Row B. You get an exceptionally clear view of the stage without any restrictions.   Not available.
£99.00 (Premium Seats) These seats are located in rows E-K and are centrally situated in roughly seats 5-20. There is an excellent view from here, without any restrictions. Sit as centrally as possible or toward the ends of rows for extra legroom.   Top price seats are located in rows B-C of the Dress Circle. They offer excellent views with no restrictions, and are close enough to the stage to see details and facial expressions. Seats 7-18 of Row B are premiums due to the central location.   Not available.
£90.00 (Premium Seats) More top price seats can be found toward the sides of the Stalls, in rows C-L. It is best to choose central seats in rows C and L for the same price as seats toward the ends of rows, although there may be more legroom in these seats. For this price, you get an exceptional view without any restrictions and a decent rake allows you to see past those in front.   These seats are located in rows D-E, in seats 3-24. A decent rake allows you to see past those in front without any restrictions. There is a clear, panoramic view that is perfect for a large-scale musicals, ensuring you won’t miss any close-up details. Not available.
£72.50 The majority of the Stalls are this price, aside from rows T-Z which are cheaper. Views from these seats are clear and unrestricted, allowing you to feel fully immersed in the action. The overhang falls in to place at Row S, so it is best to choose seats at this price to avoid any potential restrictions.   Most of the Dress Circle falls under this price, with only the Boxes and rows L-M discounted. Great views are on offer throughout this section, with minimal to no restrictions. It’s worth sitting as centrally as possible for the best overall views. Not available.
£52.50 Rows T-Y fall under this price band, due to the overhang of the Dress Circle, which cuts off about half of the stage. Boxes C and F are also this price as they face the stage side on, forcing you to lean forward to properly see the stage. Boxes in the Dress Circle are this price, due to facing the stage side on. Seats 1-6 and 28-33 of Row A are also this price as they are partially restricted and may require you to lean forward. Rows L-M fall underneath the overhang of the Upper Circle, which cuts off the top half of the stage.   Rows A-C of the Upper Circle are this price, as although they may feel distant from the stage, they offer the clearest views in this section, without any restrictions. These are good bargains and are worth purchasing over any other tickets at this price in the auditorium.
£42.50 Not available. Not available. Rows D-E of the Upper Circle are this price as they can feel distant from the stage and are partially obstructed by safety rails. Legroom may also be tight here.  
£32.50 Not available. Not available. These seats are in rows F-J and are restricted by a safety rail, and have limited legroom. There is a good view of the stage from here, although it may feel distant.  
£15.00 Row Z falls under this price as seats are very far back in the Stalls and are severely restricted by the Dress Circle overhang.   Not available. These seats are in Row AA and rows K-L. Row AA is severely restricted by a safety rail that runs in front of the balcony, which may cause audiences members to lean forward to see the stage. Rows K-L are distant from the stage, which can feel restricted, especially due to the limited legroom.  
Day Seats (£39.50) Day seats are given with discretion at the Box Office and could be anywhere in the theatre.   Day seats are given with discretion at the Box Office and could be anywhere in the theatre. Not available.