Apollo Victoria Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Apollo Victoria Theatre seating plan
First opening its doors in 1930, the Apollo Victoria Theatre was initially built as a cinema, with a vast, concert-like auditorium. For the past 10 years, the theatre has housed Broadway phenomenon Wicked, playing to sold-out audiences. Built in a magnificent Art Deco style, the theatre is decked out in emerald green, located on Wilton Road, close to Victoria Station. With a huge seating capacity of 2,304, the theatre is one of the largest in the West End, split across only two levels; the Stalls and Circle. A large variety of views are on offer, which is reflected in the price of tickets. The best seats tend to be located in the Stalls, with some good bargains to be found throughout. Check out our seating chart below, which gives a detailed guide on ticket prices and what sort of view they may offer! Please note that prices differ during school holidays and at weekend peak performances. It is worth thoroughly checking before booking, in case your preferred seat is cheaper on a different day.
Ticket Price Stalls Circle
£200.00-£105.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats can be found in seats 18-31, rows F-J. These seats are central to the stage and offer an excellent, panoramic view of every detail in Wicked. Not too close to the stage, but close enough to see every detail, these are the perfect seats to fully immerse yourself in the production. Row Q is also premium priced, due to the excellent view and additional legroom.   Not available.
£85.00 These seats are all located in the centre of the Stalls in roughly seats 14-33 of rows G-P. They offer head-on, panoramic views of the stage without any restrictions. Seats 18-29 of rows R-T are also this price, as they have abundant legroom and clear views of the stage. Those who want to fully immerse themselves in the production should choose these seats!   Top price tickets are located in seats 14-19 and 28-33 of rows B-C of the Circle. They offer unparalleled views of the stage, without any restrictions, and you can still see every detail. Some prefer Circle seats, especially for the “Defying Gravity” scene.
£75.00 The majority of the Stalls are this price, as the layout of the auditorium ensures completely clear views from most seats. Seats in this price range are typically more central to the stage, in rows B-ZB, and ensure that no part of the action is missed. It’s best to choose a seat as centrally as possible, as the Apollo Victoria stage is very wide.   The front blocks of seating as well as central seats in rows G-M are this price, as you get a clear, panoramic view of the stage without any restrictions. These are good seats for those who enjoy being further away for large-scale musicals. These seats are also close enough to not miss any important details in this particular musical.
£65.00 These seats are located toward the rear of the auditorium, in seats at the ends of rows Q-ZB and in rows ZC-ZD. These seats may feel slightly distant from the action, but offer good views regardless. You may struggle to see details from here, but these are a good option for those who have seen the musical before.   Seats at the ends of rows A-D are this price, as they are slightly restricted. Rows G-M offer slight side views of the stage. Rows N-O are also this price, as although they offer a central view, the downside is that the stage does start to feel slightly distant from here, therefore facial expressions and detail may be difficult to see.
£55.00 This price applies to seats toward the ends of rows G-P of the Stalls, as they sit outside of the proscenium arch and offer a side view, which can restrict parts of the stage. Rows ZC-ZJ are also this price, as they are distant from the stage, and although not affected by the Circle overhang, it can be difficult to make out any detail.   Seats 6-19 and 34-47 of rows N-O fall under this price as they are distant from the stage and offer a side view of the action. Detail can be missed from these seats, and it’s worth purchasing Stall seats for the same price. Minimal seats in Row J are this price, which are severely affected by a safety rail blocking the stage.  
£45.00 These seats are located at the very ends of rows B-F and are restricted view due to a side view that cuts off parts of the stage. Further seats at this price can be found at rear of the Stalls in rows ZE-ZF, and are discounted due to side views and distance from the stage.   Seats at this price are located in the rear blocks of seating in the Circle, and feel very distant from the stage. Although viewing may not be restricted, it will be difficult to make out any detail. Seats 16-20 and 31-35 of rows R-S are restricted view due to a safety rail that blocks off the stage.  
£35.00 A handful of seats in the Stalls are this price, due to being distant from the stage. Row A is this price, as well as two seats at the very ends of rows A-K, on the left-hand side of the auditorium when facing the stage. These seats are restricted by the set, which obscures a large part of the stage.   Seats at the ends of rows P-U are this price, as the side view cuts off parts of the stage. Rows W-Y are distant from the stage, causing it to be difficult to see any detail, although these seats are better value than similarly priced ones in the Stalls.  
£27.00 Not available.   Seats 1-7 and 44-50 of Row X are this price as they offer an angled view of the stage that cuts off large parts of action. Row Y also falls under this price as, although it is not necessarily restricted, it is very distant from the stage and you will struggle to see any detail from here.  
Day Seats (£29.50) Day Seats are located in Row A of the Stalls, which is the front row of the theatre. These are an excellent option as their proximity to the stage allows you to be fully immersed in the production. These are the best seats in the theatre and are well worth queuing for!   Not available.