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Seating Plan

Arts Theatre seating plan
Located just next to Leicester Square Tube Station, the Arts Theatre is one of the West End’s most intimate venues, hosting a range of shows from off-Broadway musicals to fringe theatre. Originally opening in 1927 as a members-only club, the theatre was renowned for hosting unlicensed productions. With a seating capacity of only 350, the theatre is relatively small, split across the Stalls and the Circle. There are a range of views on offer, but ticket prices are relatively low in comparison to other West End venues. It’s worth spending time on choosing seats for this particular venue, as the prices reflect the comfort rather than the view! Check out our pricing chart below, detailing the rough individual price bands that are available, as well as the type of view on offer. Please note that prices dramatically vary depending on the production currently showing at the Arts Theatre. Below is a rough guide.
Ticket Price Stalls Circle
£55.00-£49.50 Most seats in the Stalls fall under this price, from rows B-H. A decent rake ensures you can see over those in front. These seats are worth purchasing, as the comfort is much better than seats toward the rear of the Stalls. Legroom is fairly good in these seats and you can see the entire stage without any restrictions.   Rows A-C of the Circle are this price, due to offering an excellent overall view of the entire stage. Many prefer to sit here over the Stalls, as there are no restrictions and seats are much more comfortable. Additionally, the Circle feels very close to the stage so you can see every detail and still feel involved in any action.
£44.50-£39.50 Row A is this price as the Arts Theatre has a high stage, which forces you to look up, therefore sitting here may not be the best option for smaller audience members! Rows J-L are affected by the Circle overhang, which begins to come into view. Due to the intimacy of the theatre, you still feel close to the stage.   Row D is this price, simply because it is slightly further back than what could be considered as premium view. These seats make for a great bargain, as the view barely differs from Row C to D.
£36.50-£32.50 Row BB is this price as the stage is very high, restricting the view and causing you to crane your neck. Row M is this price as it is the second to last row in the theatre and is very restricted by the Circle overhang, which cuts off the top of the stage. The rake levels out here, which means it can be difficult to see past those in front.   Row E of the Circle is this price, as it is the second to last row in the theatre and can feel slightly distant from the stage, although due to the intimacy of the theatre, these are often amazing bargain seats!
£24.50-£23.50 These seats are in Row N, which is the back row of the Stalls. Seats are cramped and uncomfortable, with limited legroom, and the view is restricted by the Circle overhang. However, you can still see most of the stage from here. It is worth buying slip seats in the Circle for the same price! Row F of the Circle is this price as the stage is most distant from here, and the sound desk falls in the centre of the row, which can be distracting. The Circle Slips are also this price. They face the stage side on and are bench seats with limited legroom. You have to lean forward to see from these seats, therefore it is worth purchasing 8-14, as they are in front.  
Day Seats   Not available. Not available.