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Hamlet is one of William Shakespeare’s best loved, most performed and most famous plays. Revived once again by the Barbican, Lyndsey Turner directs the classic tale, starring superstar Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Price of Denmark (as is the original plays full title) is set in the Kingdom of Denmark. The plot focuses on Prince Hamlet and the politics surrounding the right to the throne. Hamlet laments the murder of his father that sees his uncle, Claudius, seizing the throne and marrying his mother.

As his fathers ghost appears to Hamlet, he is told that Claudius was in fact the murderer. As his dead father instructs him to seek vengeance on his uncle, Hamlet is thrown into a state of turmoil.

Having been dating courtier Ophelia, daughter to the Lord Chamberlain, Hamlet’s turmoil becomes apparent to the girl. Concerned, Ophelia raises the alarm with the King and Queen who assume Hamlet has gone mad. Chaos, lies, deceit and death ensue.

Featuring the famous speech “To be, or not to be: that is the question” Cumberbatch promises to be a most worthy Hamlet.

Further casting is yet to be announced

Hamlet will run at the Barbican Theatre for an exclusive 12 week run from August 5th 2015.

Child Friendly

Hamlet is a classic piece of literature, which can be seen as educational for older children and teenagers. However the show contains violence and murder, making it unsuitable for young children. Further age guidelines for the show will be announced nearer the time.