• Air Conditioning: The theatre has air conditioning.
  • Food & Drink: Snacks are allowed in the auditorium, as are drinks so long as they are in plastic containers. Glass and hot food are prohibited in the auditorium.
  • Binoculars: The Duchess Theatre is small and therefore does not provide binoculars.


There is a small cloakroom facility in the Duchess Theatre located at Stalls level.


A limited number of booster cushions are available.


The theatre has two bars, one in the Foyer and one in the Stalls.


The Duchess Theatre has a shop in the Stalls and the Foyer; both sell a range of confectionery and merchandise. Prices:
  • Ice cream - £3.50
  • Tube of crisps - £3
  • Confectionery starts at £2


The Duchess theatre has both male and female toilets facilities for both levels. Disabled toilets are located in the Stalls.

The information on this page was sourced from a number of trips to the Duchess Theatre throughout 2012