Duchess Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Duchess Theatre seating plan
First opening in 1929, the Duchess Theatre is one of the West End’s smallest theatres, located near to Aldwych and the Novello Theatre. Built with the Stalls underground, the theatre is very intimate, typically hosting one-off performances and plays. The Play That Goes Wrong has been at the venue since 2014. With a seating capacity of only 479, the theatre is split across two levels; the Stalls and Dress Circle. A variety of views are on offer, with the best views located centrally in the Stalls and toward the front of the Dress Circle. Due to the nature of the show, seats toward the ends of rows are restricted view. As the theatre is very intimate, you can count on not missing any detail! Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you will receive for your ticket price. Make sure you are getting a good bargain!
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle
£65.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats are in the centre of rows E-J, roughly seats 8-17, although this varies depending on the row. These are the best seats in the theatre, offering clear, close-up views of the stage without any restrictions. A decent rake ensures your view will not be blocked by those in front. Choose these seats for the best possible experience. Not available.
£49.50-£44.50 The majority of the Stalls are top price, as the intimacy of the theatre allows for great views of the stage. These seats offer clear, close-up views without any restrictions, even from the rear of the seating. It is best to sit as centrally as possible in order to not miss any detail. Rows A-F are this price as they offer close-up, clear views of the stage, due to the small size of the auditorium. You won’t miss any detail from these seats, which offer clear, panoramic views of the entire stage. Sit as centrally as possible for the best overall experience.
£35.00 A handful of seats fall under this price in the Stalls, located at the ends of the rear rows from Row G onward. They are marked as restricted view seats, as parts of stage right or left may be cut off. This doesn’t hinder the overall enjoyment of the show, however, therefore these seats can be good bargains. Seats 1-4 and 17-20 of rows E-F are this price, as parts of stage left or right may be cut off at points. Seats 5-16 of rows G-H are this price, as although they are central to the action, they are more distant, which may make it more difficult to see detail. Great bargain seats, however!
£20.00 Seats at this price can be found at the very ends of rows F-O on the left hand side of the auditorium when facing the stage. They are restricted view as action on stage right is obstructed, therefore you miss some gags in this particular show. They are great bargain seats for those who have already seen the show, as this only affects a small moment of the performance! Boxes and Row J are marked as this price, as they are the most distant from the stage, and the heads of those in front restrict the view. You still have a decent overall view of the stage from these seats and these tickets could prove a good bargain. Four seats either side of rows G-H are also this price, as parts of the action at the far sides of the stage may be restricted.
Day Seats Not available. Not available.