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Located on the famous Shaftesbury Avenue, the Gielgud Theatre originally opened in 1906 as the Hicks Theatre, and was best known for hosting musicals. In 1994, the theatre was renamed the Gielgud Theatre and underwent two renovations, leading it to its current build. Inside, the theatre is luxuriously decorated with in cream and gold. Now known for hosting plays, including the long-running The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the Gielgud Theatre is a moderately sized playhouse, with a seating capacity of 986. Built across three levels; the Stalls, Dress Circle and Grand Circle, the venue offers a variety of views, with the best located in the Stalls and Dress Circle. Bargain seats are available in each section, with lesser views located up in the Grand Circle. It is worth thoroughly checking your seats, as restrictions occur toward the ends of rows in this theatre. Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you will get for the price you pay!
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle Grand Circle
£94.50-£89.50 (Premium Seats)   Premium tickets are located in seats 8-19 of rows G-K. A decent rake ensures that you can see past those in front for an excellent, central, panoramic view of the stage.   Seats 13-22 of rows A-C are premium priced as they are central to the stage and offer amazingly clear views. It is worth choosing these premiums over those in the Stalls so you can see floor detail.   Not available.
£64.50-£59.50   The majority of the Stalls are top price, as there are no restrictions to hinder the view. That being said, it is advisable to sit as centrally as possible and closer to the front, as the rake begins to even out at Row L which can make it difficult to see past those in front.   Most of the Dress Circle is top price, as there are excellent sight-lines with no restrictions. Sit as centrally as possible to get the best overall view of the stage. Not available.
£44.50-£39.50   Row V and seats 5-22 of Row W fall under this price, as they are distant from the stage and the Dress Circle overhang is in view, although it may not necessarily detract from any enjoyment.   Box F seats 21-24 are this price as they are distant from the stage and it can be difficult to see detail from here. These are, however, good bargain seats! All seats in the centre of each row are this price, with a steep rake allowing you to see past those in front. Be aware that seats in Row A are restricted due to the safety rail.  
£24.50   Four seats either end of Row W are this price, as they are the most distant from the stage and do not offer central views. They can be good bargain seats, although be aware that the Dress Circle overhang will be in view.   Seats 3-6 and 30-33 of Row A fall under this price, as they are restricted view, due to facing the stage side on. You will need to lean forward in these seats to see the stage. Rear rows H-J and all seats at the ends of each row are this price, due to being distant from the stage and severe restrictions. It may be difficult to see past those in front, and the Grand Circle safety rail may also restrict the view. Legroom and comfort is limited here.  
£12.00   Row B falls under this price category as the stage is fairly high, which can restrict some moments and make you strain your neck. There are Standing spaces at the rear of the Stalls, which are a bargain for short shows. The Dress Circle overhang may be in view, but may not necessarily hinder the view.   Seats 3-4 of Row B fall under this price as they are restricted view. Legroom and comfort may be limited and it is necessary to lean forward to see the stage. Slip seats in Row AA are this price as they are restricted view seats. The Grand Circle safety rail is in view and you will need to lean forward to see over it to the stage.
Day Seats (£15.00) These seats are typically top price Stalls seats and are given away at Box Office discretion.   Not available. Not available.