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See this timeless Broadway musical on London’s most iconic stage with A Chorus Line tickets

Formally Broadway’s longest running show, A Chorus Line has gone down in history as being one of the most popular musicals ever. Having won 9 Tony Awards, 1 Laurence Olivier Award and the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the original production of the show was vastly well received. The Broadway revival of 2006 was also well received and A Chorus Line continues to tour the USA. The new West End production of the show will be the first ever London revival of the show since it closed almost 34 years ago.

The story is fairly simple; it is based on the real life experiences of dancers auditioning for parts in a Broadway show. With a cast of 26 and 15 principal roles there is certainly a lot on in the show with many different strands of action. Stand out characters include Broadway director Zach, aggressive tap dancer Mike, fallen star Cassie, homosexual Puerto Rican Paul and preppy but provocative Val. The show demonstrates the brutality of choosing a career as a performer and the perils of the job, such as being cut from a show and dealing with the image obsessed culture.

The show hangs on a simple dramatic device; scenes take place in front or behind a vast white lane across the stage. Scenes behind the line are representative of offstage action, scenes in front are considered to be onstage.

Although there are serious and heartfelt moments, such as the classic music numbers “What I Did For Love” and “The Music and the Mirror”, there are also amusing moments in the show, such as Val’s “Tits and Ass” rendition. Above all the show is known for its whole company dance and musical numbers such as “I Hope I Get It” and “One.”

A Chorus Line is the show to end all shows. It really does have it all; song, dance and informed acting. Michael Bennett dedicated the show to anyone who has ever danced no matter what their capability, which is the vast majority of people. For those who have not, they will certainly want to after seeing this show at the London Palladium!

Child Friendly

A Chorus Line deals with a lot of content adults may not deem appropriate for young children, such as sex, sexuality and the occasional bout of bad language. For this reason the show is not recommended for audiences under the age of 12 years old.