Dr Strangelove

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Booking from 8 October 2024 until 25 January 2025

Catch Steve Coogan in a satirical masterpiece with Dr Strangelove play tickets

Steve Coogan swaps Alan Partridge for explosively funny Cold War satire as he stars in the world premiere of the huge new Dr Strangelove play in London. Stanley Kubrick’s black comedy about a rogue U.S. General who sparks a nuclear crisis is a peculiar and wonderful take on politics and power struggles that feels as relevant as ever in the 21st century. Brought to the Noel Coward Theatre by Coogan and BAFTA-winning writer Armando Iannucci (The Thick of It), this is one of the theatre events of the year that you don’t want to miss!

What if a U.S. General went mad with paranoia and pressed the button for nuclear war? How would everyone else deal with the fallout?! Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick set out to explore this would-be future in his 1964 film, which starred Peter Sellers in three roles. With its distinctive monochrome style and surreal comedy, it has remained a cult classic ever since. 

The Dr Strangelove play marks the first time that Kubrick’s film has been adapted for the stage, with Steve Coogan starring. Coogan, best known for his hapless character Alan Partridge and turns in Philomena, Stan & Ollie and The Reckoning, promises a tour-de-force performance that will have you laughing one moment and gasping in shock the next! 

Dr Strangelove is adapted for the stage by BAFTA and Emmy Award winner Armando Iannucci who is no stranger to political satire; he penned the hit series The Thick of It and its film spin-off In The Loop, as well as BAFTA nominated film The Death of Stalin. Along with Olivier Award-winning director Sean Foley (The Play What I Wrote, The Upstart Crow), this is a bold and daring adaptation that fans will love and newcomers will be captivated by. 

Mutually assured destruction might be guaranteed in the Dr Strangelove play, but so is an unforgettable theatre experience! Kubrick’s film is in the safest – and funniest – hands with this dream team of creative geniuses, so book your tickets now. 

Child friendly?

The age rating for the Dr Strangelove play is to be confirmed.