Old Vic Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Old Vic Theatre seating plan
The Old Vic Theatre has had a somewhat chequered past since it opened in 1818, with several deaths and dark periods leading to re-constructions of the building. By and large the theatre still contains a lot of its original character and has a rather grand, lavish looking interior. The Old Vic has around 1,070 seats spread over three levels; the Stalls, Dress Circle and Lilian Baylis Circle. The auditorium is a vast ‘U’ shape, meaning there are many side on viewing angles to content with, however side seats tend to be sold at a cheaper rate than others. There are also a few pillars in the auditorium and , whilst these add to the period charm of the auditorium, they pose a few viewing difficulties. However, like the side seats, these seats tend to be a bit cheaper than others.
The Old Vic Theatre Stalls Dress Circle Lilian Baylis Circle
£10-20(A limited number of £12 tickets are offered for those under the age of 25)  There are a few odd restricted view seats in the Stalls, which tend to be at this price due to the presence of a pillar. These seats tend to be dotted around, apart from two pairs together in row X. These seats are okay for a last-minute bargain but if you are planning on attending a show in a group, it would be difficult to find seats together at this price. Similarly to the Stalls, in the main body of the Dress Circle has a few odd restricted view seats within this price range. This includes the first and last three seats of row B and a few pairs of seats in row E.Side seats in rows X-Z (excluding more central seats from around seat numbers 14-23) are within this price category as they offer fairly side on views of the stage, which means there could be some viewing restrictions. Benches in this level tend to be priced at £10. These seats tend to be reflective of their cost; they are less comfortable than the usual seats in the Old Vic and they have a side angle view of the stage. However these seats are great for those on a budget who want to see a top show for a fraction of the standard price.In the main section of the Lilian Baylis Circle, Seats 3- 11 and 21 – 23 in row A, as well as 2-3 and 24-26 in row B have a slight safety bar viewing restriction so are within this price category.  Seats at the very back of the level in rows F-G are also within the price category as they can feel a bit far back from the stage, however they do not really have  a restricted view.
£27.50 - £39.50 Seats at the top end of this category can largely be found in rows W-X. These are at the back of the Stalls so are slightly affected by the Circle overhang. There are some other £39.50 sears dotted around the Stalls, but these tend to be one offs near a pillar. Side seats around numbers 14-23 in rows X-Z are in the top end of the price category. These seats may have a slight side on view but are generally of a good standard. Seats at the back of the Dress Circle in row E are also at this price range, along with a few seats on the far left of row D. These seats may have some viewing restrictions, but generally the seats at this price in row E have a clear view of the stage Seats in the lower section of this price category make up the majority of the Lilian Baylis Circle. The best seats at this price within this level tend to be around the centre of rows C-D, where audience members will have a clear, unrestricted, view of the stage.
£49.50 The majority of seats within this level will be at this price, excluding the restricted view seats at the back and the evening premium rate seats listed below. Seats towards the centre of rows A-D are within this price category (other than restricted view seats around the centre of rows C and D.) These seats tend to have good, clear views of the stage. None available
£75 (evening performances only) At evening performances (not in previews) seats 14-23 in rows H-K and 15-24 in rows L&M are sold as ‘Premium Seats’, which means that they have the best view of the stage in the house. As these seats are around £25 more than those around them, they can be a bargain for matinées as they are sold at the lower price band. None available None available