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Seating Plan

Trafalgar Studios seat prices
Trafalgar Studios, formally the Whitehall Theatre, was redeveloped and restored into its current state in 2004. In the development the theatre’s traditional auditorium was knocked through and remodeled into two separate studios. The main theatrical space is Studio 1, which is where the larger more commercial plays run for longer booking periods. Studio 1 has around 380 seats in one highly raked level and three boxes. There are no real viewing issues in the main seating area; due to the high rake gradient, all patrons can see over one another’s heads, there are no unsightly pillars and as the theatre space is so small it is difficult to feel far away. The boxes present a slight side on view but ,again due to the theatres petite size, this doesn’t pose much of a viewing issue.
Trafalgar Studios 1 Studio 1 Boxes
£26.50 The back two rows of the studio (Q and R) tend to be within this price category. Generally speaking, there is not a bad view in the house so these seats can be quite a bargain if you can get them. You will be sat at the very back, but you view should still be clear and unrestricted. All box seats are within this price category. Boxes may have slight side angle views.
£46.50 Other than the premium seats listed below, all seats within rows A-P are within this price category.  These seats will have a clear view of the stage. Seats at this price in the centre of rows J&K and E&F offer the best value for money as the view is slightly more central. None available
£75 Premium seats are seats 12-20 in rows G-H. These seats will have the best view of the stage in the whole auditorium. None available