Fawlty Towers

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Check in for hilarious comedy with Fawlty Towers play tickets!

Britain’s most angry hotelier is back in business, and this time he’s swapped Torquay for the West End in the brand-new Fawlty Towers play! Will the clientele be more to his liking? Find out by booking tickets to see this hilarious show, written by the legendary John Cleese, as it takes up residence at the Apollo Theatre

Nearly 50 years since it first aired on TV, “the greatest British sitcom of all time” (Radio Times) still manages to make us cry with laughter and cringe at Basil Fawlty’s ill-fated attempts to fashion his shabby seaside hotel into a classy boutique. He wishes he had discerning guests and luxurious amenities, but he seems to be stuck with bumbling staff and a permanent bad temper. If you want a relaxing hotel break, Basil’s establishment is one to avoid…

In this new stage adaptation, the Fawlty Towers play sees some of the best-loved moments from the show blended into an original story. Expect to see the exploits of bewildered Manuel, long-suffering Polly, the confused but cheery Major and more… but what we’re really excited about is Basil’s famous rants as everything goes wrong!

Co-creator and star of Fawlty Towers John Cleese adapts the ‘70s sitcom for the stage, having already scripted an earlier version that premiered in Australia. Cleese is one of comedy’s most quoted figures, thanks to his huge part in both Fawlty Towers and Monty Python. With his acerbic wit and eye for the absurd, his ministrations on the script promise a raucous time at the theatre. 

The Fawlty Towers play is directed by Caroline Jay Ranger, who earned acclaim for helming the hit Only Fools and Horses musical in the West End and on tour. 

The cast includes Adam Jackson-Smith as Basil Fawlty, Anna-Jane Casey as Sybil Fawlty, Hemi Yeroham as Manuel and Victoria Fox as Polly.

Whether you’ve watched every episode a hundred times or just seen the highlights, Fawlty Towers is guaranteed to make you cry with laughter. Book your tickets for its West End premiere now and enjoy some of the silliest but best classic comedy live on stage. 

Child friendly?

The age rating for the Fawlty Towers play is to be confirmed.