Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain – Part 5

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Buy Horrible Histories tickets for a gruesome journey to the past in the fifth instalment of this hugely popular show

Everyone’s favourite history show is back in the West End with Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain – Part 5. This dastardly display of the perilous past arrives at the Apollo Theatre in July 2021.

We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone’s dead! What better way to solve that problem than by saying hello to a host of crazy characters and rotten rulers with the Horrible Histories gang?

Will you be conquered by King William? Will you sink or swim with King Henry I? Will Thomas Becket get the chop? Go house hunting with King Henry VIII! Are you scared to scale the Tudor scaffold? Join the gorgeous Georgians as they take over England! Break into Buckingham Palace and hide from the Queen! Watch out for the witch of World War Two!

Head down to Apollo Theatre next summer for a slice of history… with the nasty bits left in!

Child friendly?

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain – Part 5 is recommended for those aged 5+.