Horrible Histories – The Best of Barmy Britain

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Gape at the biggest historical romp of all time with Horrible Histories Best of Barmy Britain tickets

After countless successful shows, the Horrible Histories Barmy Britain series returns to London once more for another hilariously horrible helping of fun facts and stories. Celebrating the show’s 5th anniversary in the West End, The Best of Barmy Britain will combine the best bits of all previous Barmy Britain shows to create one giant romp through history. Opening at the Apollo Theatre, The Best of Barmy Britain will begin performances on August 5th for a summer season.

Following the huge success of Barmy Britain Parts One, Two and Three, The Best of Barmy Britain will take audiences on a journey through the most important historical British moments, with all of the gory parts left in. Favourite characters Boudicca, King John, Henry VIII and Queen Victoria will all grace the stage, whilst the Gun Powder Plot is revealed, the Great Fire of London takes place and more!

Created by Terry Deary, Horrible Histories is the best-selling book series, educating children across the country with the gruesome and truthful depictions of world history. With over 50 Horrible Histories titles available and sales of over 25 million in 40 different countries, the series was later developed into a touring stage series by the Birmingham Stage Company. Touring for 11 years, the group have toured across the UK, Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, with 5 years in London’s West End.

The Best of Barmy Britain is directed by Neal Foster, with design by Jackie Trousdale, lighting by Jason Taylor, sound by Nick Sagar, music by Matthew Scott and choreography by Kenn Oldfield. The production will star regulars Neal Foster and Alison Fitzjohn, and will open at the Apollo Theatre London on August 5th for a limited run until September 3rd 2016.

Child Friendly

The Best of Barmy Britain is suitable for all ages, especially children!