Showstopper! The Improvised Musical – closed

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For off-the-cuff hilarity and the quickest-thinking troupe in the West End, book Showstopper the Improvised Musical tickets

Hot off the back of a summer of touring, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical arrives for a two month run at London’s Apollo Theatre.

A firm Edinburgh Fringe Festival favourite, Showstopper! is the award winning improvised show from enthusiastic creators, Adam Meggido and Dylan Emery. Having toured their show since its conception in 2008, the Showstopper! troupe have very much perfected the art of quick thinking and improvisation.

Over 80 different musicals will be created throughout the show’s run as the performers take audience suggestions to create a new piece of work from scratch night after night. Seven swift thinking performers (and an equally quick off the mark technical team!) are able to turn anything, yes anything, into an all singing and all dancing on stage extravaganza

From love stories, comedic horror plots, space missions to a musical about the inner workings of a bakewell tart, you never know what kind of story will be brought to life on stage in front of you. This unique quality to the show means that audience members are seeing something truly new and each visit to the show is totally different – why not come back a second time?

Performers include creators,  Emery and Meggido, as well as Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Susan Harrison, Sean McCann, Phillip Pellew, Adam Pugsley, Oliver Senton, Lucy Trodd and Sarah- Louise Young. Seven out of the 11 performers are selected to participate for each performance, meaning the acting line up is also constantly changing.

The Showstopper! technical team includes Duncan Walsh Atkins as musical director, Tom Lishman on sound and Tim Mascall on lighting.

Showstopper! has been such a hit that it even had its own BBC Radio 4 series. Now fans of the show as well as those who love a bit of creativity and on the spot action can see the production in its West End home from 24th September to the 29th November 2015.

Child Friendly

Showstopper! is by and large a family friendly show, although the production team cannot censor what some audience members may suggest as improvisation ideas.