Brainiac Live!

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Science has never been more entertaining and explosive than with Brainiac Live tickets, treat the kids today

Strap on your safety goggles! The hit TV show which laughs in the face of science comes to London’s West End for a limited summer run from July 31st.

Starting as a TV show in 2003, Braniac is a much-loved science entertainment show, which saw presenters carry out weird and wacky experiments to test the real outcomes. Many viewers may remember exploding caravans or scientists testing to see if they can walk on custard!

After the TV show finished in 2008, Braniac Live! went on tour, and has played to over 400,000 people all over the world. Watch the Braniacs delve into a series of fearless, and maybe a little foolish, experiments. Expect  exploding dustbins, the ultimate Airzooka challenge, and supercharged spinning chairs in this high energy show.

Andy Joyce directs and stars in the show. Joyce is joined by fellow Braniacs Rik Warren and Maggie Frazer.

A show which will blow your mind and educate your brain, Braniac Live! at the Garrick Theatre London will play for a limited summer run from July 31st. Just remember, don’t try this at home!

Child Friendly

Brainiac Live! is suitable for ages 5+.