• Air Conditioning: His Majesty’s Theatre has air conditioning throughout the auditorium.
  • Food & Drink: Snacks and drinks in plastic containers are allowed in the auditorium, however hot food is prohibited. Drinks purchased from the bar must be transferred into plastic cups if they are being taken inside the auditorium.


There is a cloakroom in the theatre Large items can be checked for £1 each.


There are three bar areas in His Majesty’s Theatre and these are situated at Stalls,Royal Circle and Grand Circle levels. Drinks can brought to disabled patrons in the Stalls.


His Majesty’s Theatre has male and female toilets at the rear of the Stalls,Royal Circle and Grand Circle. There is an access adapted toilet by entrance on Charles II street.

The information on this page was sourced from a visit to His Majesty's Theatre as well as the LW Theatres website.