From Here To Eternity

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Travel back to wartime Hawaii in this hit new musical with From Here to Eternity tickets

From Here to Eternity is the new musical from the celebrated producer and lyricist, Tim Rice and is an onstage adaptation of James Hones’ novel and the 1953 Hollywood film of the same name at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

From Here to Eternity is set in wartime Hawaii; in Pearl Harbor to be specific. On the brink of one of the greatest tragedies of World War Two, the residents of Pearl Harbor are none the wiser to the vicious attack the Japanese are planning to launch on the US Island.

The story begins as Private Robert Prewitt transfers from Virginia to Schofield Barracks on the island of Oahu. Prewitt soon discovers that all is not as it seems in paradise as he is bullied by his egotistical Captain, Captain “Dynamite” Holmes who wants him to use his boxing talent in the regimental boxing team. When Prewitt refuses, Holmes sets about making his life a misery but neglects to focus on the real issue at hand; his wife is having a love affair with his second in command, First Sergeant Milton Warden.

Prewitt makes a real friend in Private Angelo Maggio and the pair frequented a local gentlemen’s club, where Prewitt lusts after the beautiful Lorene, a young girl from Oregon who moved to Hawaii out of heartbreak and a strong will to earn money for her family.

As Prewitt settles in to life on Oahu, all kinds of military, masculinity and sexual tensions explode leaving emotions and relations in tatters. Just when the characters thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Japanese launch their attack on Pearl Harbor.

Original musical numbers by Tim Rice and Stuart Brayson include “G Company Blues,” “30 Year Man,” “Don’t Cha Like Hawaii,” “More Than America,” and “The Boys of ’41.”

Child Friendly

From Here to Eternity is not suitable for young children as the show contains violence and scenes of a sexual nature.