Criterion Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Criterion Theatre seating plan
First opening its doors in 1874, the Criterion Theatre is one of the West End’s oldest theatres, with the entire auditorium located underground. Originally, this proved a problem for audiences and oxygen had to be pumped into the auditorium! Although the building has been renovated since, the theatre retains its original architecture, including several support pillars, which can cause for some difficult viewing. With a seating capacity of 588, the theatre is one of the more intimate in the West End, split across three levels; the Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. The auditorium offers very mixed views with a range of ticket prices, and it is worth thoroughly checking out the seating plan before making a purchase. Seats at the fronts of each section are preferable, specifically in the centre of the Stalls and front of the Dress Circle, where there are minimal restrictions. Avoid sitting toward the rear of the Stalls, where the view is severely limited and substituted by monitors on the walls. Those looking for a bargain ticket are best suited to the Upper Circle, where views are excellent but you may have to sacrifice comfort! Check out our price chart below, which details the types of views you can get for each price band!
Ticket Price Stalls Dress Circle Upper Circle
£69.50 (Premium Seats) Premium seats are located in seats 7-18 of rows E-H, as they offer the best views in the theatre; completely central to the stage, without any restrictions. Due to the intimacy of the theatre and a decent rake, you won’t miss a single detail from here!   Many prefer these premium seats, located in Row A, seats 9-23 and Row B, seats 10-21. These seats are central and ensure you don’t miss any detail. It is worth purchasing these seats over Stall seats of the same price, as a steep rake ensures you can see the entire stage.   Not available.
£49.50 The majority of the Stalls are this price, specifically in centre seats of rows B-P. A decent rake allows you to see past those in front and there are no restrictions in this price band. Due to the restrictions in the theatre, it’s worth splashing out on these seats!   Most seats in the Dress Circle fall under this price band. These seats are not affected by pillars or the Upper Circle overhang, offering a clear, panoramic view of the stage and are preferable to cheaper seats with restricted views. Sit as centrally as possible for the best views and legroom. Not available.
£39.50 Seats at the ends of rows H-J fall under this price as they are unrestricted but face the stage slightly side on. It’s worth purchasing these seats over similarly priced ones in Row A, which are severely restricted. Seats 12-14 of Row Q are this price as they are central and not affected by support pillars, offering a good view of the stage. Row A, seats 6-19 are also this price, as the high stage may cause some action to be slightly obstructed.   Not available. Row A of the Upper Circle is this price, aside from seat 29. These seats offer a good, close-up view of the stage, as the theatre is incredibly intimate. Legroom is an issue as it is very limited and the seats are very narrow. However, you will be able to see everything from these seats and they are brilliant bargains.
£35.00 There are minimal seats dotted throughout the Stalls at this price. All are restricted view, affected by pillars and fall outside of the proscenium arch, which obstructs parts of the stage.   Seats 27-28 of Row C are this price, due to facing the stage side on and being partially restricted by a pillar. You will need to lean forward to see the stage from these seats. Not available.
£29.50 Seats at this price are dotted throughout the rear of the Stalls, and are restricted by the Dress Circle overhang, pillars and the proscenium arch. Parts of the action are substituted by monitors at the rear of the theatre. Please note that legroom in these seats is minimal. These seats are dotted throughout the rear of the Dress Circle and are restricted by pillars, which completely obscure the view of the stage. It’s worth spending a bit more to ensure you can actually see the stage! Row AA, seats 28-29 are also this price as you have to lean forward to see the stage.   Seats in the centre of rows B-C are this price, due to the potential restriction of the balcony front. However, these are good for those looking to purchase tickets on a budget. Legroom is limited, but if you sit completely centrally, you may not miss much of the stage at all!
£25.00 These seats are all restricted view, located at the rear and sides of the Stalls. Views are affected by the Dress Circle overhang, pillars and the sides of the proscenium arch. It’s worth purchasing more expensive tickets to ensure you won’t miss any action.   These seats are located at the rear of the Dress Circle in Row G, seats 6-8. These seats are restricted view due to the Upper Circle overhang and pillars in front of the seats.   Not available.
£20.00 These seats are at the rear of the theatre and are all located directly behind pillars. There are some that fall outside the proscenium arch, which cuts off parts of the stage. Moments of action are substituted by monitors at the rear of the theatre.   Various seats in rows D-F are this price, as they are restricted view. Only choose these seats if you have seen the production before, otherwise large moments of action may be missed. Seats at the end of row B and C are £20 due to being restricted view with severely limited comfort and legroom. However if you lean forward you can see the entirety of the stage without restriction, and due to the intimacy of the theatre, the action does not feel far away. Great bargain seats, but be prepared to sacrifice comfort!  
£15.00 These seats are dotted throughout the Stalls, mainly toward the very rear of the seating and directly behind pillars. There are monitors to substitute action, however it is definitely worth spending a little more money to get a better view.   Not available. Not available.
£10.00 Seats at this price are dotted throughout the Stalls, predominantly toward the rear of the seating, where pillars and the Dress Circle overhang drastically hinder the view. Seats at the very ends of rows A-D are severely restricted and a lot of action will be missed from here.   Not available. Seat B30 is this price as it is restricted by facing the stage side on. Action is missed from here, and legroom and comfort are extremely limited.
Day Seats Not available. Not available. Not available.