Two Strangers (Carry a Cake Across New York)

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A boy meets girl for the 21st century story with Two Strangers musical tickets

A wide-eyed, upbeat British guy lands in NYC and meets a jaded Big Apple native… and they’re heading to a wedding. It sounds just like a Noughties rom-com! After a hit premiere at Kiln Theatre in 2023, Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York) transfers to the West End’s Criterion Theatre this spring starring Sam Tutty and Dujonna Gift. Packed full of romantic comedy tropes but also fresh and original, it’s a match made in heaven for theatregoers.

When Dougal, a naive and cheerful Brit, lands in New York to attend the second wedding of his estranged dad, he’s met at the airport by the no-nonsense sister of the bride, Robin. Robin’s late for work and doesn’t have time to watch Dougal ooh-ing and aah-ing at the city’s landmarks. It’s definitely not love at first sight! But with an extravagant celebration approaching and the boundless possibilities of NYC at their feet, anything could happen over the next 36 hours…

The Two Strangers musical is a refreshingly original take on the classic rom-com genre. Following in the footsteps of classics like When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill – and kitschy Hallmark Christmas movies – it combines hilarious culture clashes, catchy and whimsical songs, and a sparky 21st-century twist. It premiered at Kilburn’s Kiln Theatre in 2023 to four and five-star reviews, with critics praising the two-hander’s “slyly subversive” (Time Out) story and “funny, heartfelt but unsentimental” romance.

Composer Jim Barne and lyricist Kit Buchan create a peppy, lilting score as Dougal and Robin’s unconventional meet-cute blossoms across the stage, in a production directed and choreographed by Tim Jackson (Broadway: Merrily We Roll Along). Barne and Buchan previously won the 2020 Stage Debut Award for their earlier version of the Two Strangers musical, named The Season

The original cast transfers to the Criterion Theatre – Olivier Award winner Sam Tutty, best known for Dear Evan Hansen, plays Dougal and Dujonna Gift (Hamilton; Caroline, or Change) plays Robin.

Step into a festive flurry of romance, comedy and magic in New York City with tickets to the Two Strangers musical! It is the perfect mix of fluffy fun and smart subversive storytelling to enjoy in the West End this year.

Child friendly?

The Two Strangers musical is suitable for ages 12+.