Dominion Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Dominion Theatre seating plan
One of the largest theatres in the West End, the Dominion Theatre originally opened in 1929 and has been used as both a theatre and cinema. Built in an Art Deco design and best known for hosting the long-running musical We Will Rock You, the theatre is predominantly used for large-scale musicals, due to its expansive stage and concert-like auditorium. With a seating capacity of 2,069 spread across the Stalls and Circle, the theatre offers largely excellent views of the stage, with little serious view restrictions. Due to the vastness of the auditorium, seats toward the rear of the Stalls and Circle often feel distant from the stage, missing detail. It is best to sit toward the centre-front of both sections to get the best overall views. Check out our seating price chart below, which details the type of view you will get for your ticket price! Please note that ticket prices will vary depending on the show and time of the performance. Price bands will slightly vary, depending on whether the show is on a weekday, or a peak Saturday performance.
Ticket Price Stalls Circle
£122.50-£112.50 (Premium Seats) Depending on the day of the performance, premium seats can be found in seats 13-36 of rows J-L. These seats are the best in the theatre, offering central, close-up views of the stage that ensure you don’t miss a single detail. Sit here if you want an immersive experience!   Circle premiums are located in seats 13-38 of rows C-D. There are no restrictions from here and you can make out details. Those in front will not restrict the view. These are great seats for those who like to take in large-scale productions.  
£97.50 Top price seats are 13-38 of rows M-Q and offer a central, close-up view of the stage. No details are missed from here, and it can be worth purchasing these seats over premiums for a very similar view.   Rows E-F, seats 13-38 are top price, located directly behind premium seats. It can be worth purchasing these instead, as the view is incredibly similar; completely clear, close-up and central to the stage.
£72.50-£69.50 The majority of the Stalls falls under this price category, specifically from rows E-X. Due to the layout of the Dominion, there is a good view from every seat, with no restrictions. The further back you get, the more distant the stage seems and it is therefore worth purchasing seats toward the front of the theatre. You can see every detail from these seats, without any restrictions. Seats at the ends of rows are slightly side on, but this does not restrict anything.   The front four blocks of seating in the Circle are this price, as they are close-up and offer good views of the entire stage. It is best to sit as close to the front as possible, as it can start to feel a little distant in the Circle. A steep rake ensures you can see clearly past those in front of you. Due to the modernity of the theatre, seats in the Circle are very comfortable.
£62.50-£59.50 These seats are located toward the rear of the Stalls in rows Y-WW. They are unrestricted but do not feel as close to the stage, as the auditorium is very large. You won’t miss any action from these seats, but you may struggle to see facial expressions. Alternatively, rows C-D are also this price, which are much closer to the stage. The stage is quite high in the theatre, therefore these seats are marked as restricted view, but it shouldn’t dramatically hinder your viewing, unless you are quite small!   Seats in rows J-N fall under this price as they are further away in the rear blocks of seating. Although they are not necessarily restricted view, it can be slightly trickier to see any detail from these seats. It is worth purchasing seats in the Stalls for the same price.
£52.50-£49.50 Rows XX-ZZ are this price, as although there are no restrictions from here, the stage can feel very distant. They are a good choice for large-scale musicals and those working to a budget, although be aware that you may miss detail from here. Seats 26-38 in row XX are in front of the sound desk, which may be distracting for some.   Rows O-P of the Circle are this price, as although they are not restricted view, the stage feels distant from here and it can be difficult to make out facial expressions. A decent rake allows you to see past those in front of you.  
£42.50-£39.50 Not available.   Restricted view aisle seats in rows A-B all fall under this price category, as safety rails will obstruct the view. They are a good option for those who have seen the show before, as they are next to premium seats. There’s also the option of extra legroom. Be aware that parts of the stage will be blocked from these seats!  
£29.50 Not available. These are restricted view seats located at the front of the rear blocks of seating in rows H-K of the Circle. These seats are affected by safety rails, which obscure the view of the stage and can hinder the enjoyment, as moments of action could be missed from here. Only choose these if working to a strict budget!  
£18.50 Not available. Row Q of the Circle falls under this price, as although you can see past those in front of you, the stage feels distant from here and you will miss details such as facial expressions.  
Day Seats Not available. Not available.