Rip It Up - The 60s review - March 2019

"Silly, happy, entertaining fun"

Featuring the most 'schoolgirl-crush-worthy' Strictly winners, Rip It Up - The 60s is an unabashed, swinging good time. The set-up is simple: one set, a small band and a whistle stop tour through the biggest hits and trends of the Sixties. Cavin Cornwall as our capable MC (with a delicious honeyed voice) navigates us through each section of the show, encouraging the audience to dance, sing, and even feel free to take photos and videos (nothing like cheap advertising!)

He also finds time to interview each of our Strictly stars, with all of them revealing what they love most about visiting this era of song and dance. There's also some video footage of some special Sixties icons reminiscing about the good old days (and when I say Sixties icons, it's really just Lulu).  If I were more cynical, I would argue that the onstage 'banter' and the earnestness of the interviews feels slightly staged and over-rehearsed but hey, it was a Friday night, I was a gin and tonic down, and just bathing in the groovy feel-good vibes of it all, man.

Rip It Up - The 60s

The boys can all genuinely move (and sing too!) and there are some real highlights from each of them as they take to the floor, supported by a vibrant and talented ensemble who work their bell-bottoms off throughout.. There's plenty of ballroom to satisfy all the fans in the audience, though the Fosse-inspired section certainly deserves a mention too. Huge props must go to singer Jill Marie Cooper who sings the socks off the wide range of music - everything from The Rolling Stones to Dionne Warwick via the Beach Boys and Beatles. 

It's not a massively sophisticated or flashy show, but it's full of killer choreography and enthusiastic execution. High art this is not, but silly, happy, entertaining fun sometimes feels better on a Friday night anyway.

3 stars

Review by Katie Brennan
1 March 2019, Garrick Theatre