Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games review - September 2014

Sod high brow, this show is high WOW!

My My! Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games is an extravaganza! The only real way I feel I can respond to such a feast of the eye is via the medium of dance (see video.) However as they pay me to write, I suppose I ought to pen (tap?) a little something too.

Lord of the Dance kind of goes like this: magical mythical dance kingdom populated by beautiful people and unicorns gets invaded by evil storm troupers, the leader of which has a face like terminator when he takes his eye out. The magical kingdom filled with flexible blonde princesses and sailor-esque hunks is burned and a slutty dancing she-devil jumps about a bit. Oh and I think there is some kind of Kylie Minogue cult going on. The show ultimately culminates with the emergence of the much famed Michael Flatley, who is currently in the throws of his last dancing hurrah!

If you think the above sounds awesome, then you will LOVE Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games. If you think that sounds just a touch too much for you, then stay at home.  I personally LOVED it. I mean…what an absolute hoot. The performing Arts can great escapism and this show certainly is that! For the two hours that I sat in the Stalls of the London Palladium I thought of nothing but fabulous flailing legs, weird magical kingdoms and men with PECKS.

Theatrical insanity aside, these dancers are AMAZING! The ladies and men are beautiful, perfectly toned and move with such grace that they make the whole thing look easy (which it ISNT!)

Whilst it would have been nice to see Mr Flatley for more than 10 minutes, what he did perform he did with charisma and conviction. The show appears to be more of a passing the torch exercise, which is nice in a way, even if one may have been expecting full on Flatley.

Lord of The Dance : Dangerous Games is camp as Christmas and beyond. It is crazy on a whole new level, and perhaps I found it more amusing than was creatively intended, but you know what, I had a HOOT whilst watching this show. The dancing is mind boggling and what is not to love in a unicorn projection? Also, hello, dancing cyborgs...hell yeah.

Sod high brow, this show is high WOW!

Lord of The Dance Dangerous Games Review
25 September 2014, Dominion Theatre