McQueen review - May 2015

I always get confused between Alexander McQueen and Steve McQueen. Silly I know but I wanted to express from the forefront that I went into this show with open eyes and not those of a jaded fashionista.

McQueen is an exquisite masterpiece, blending theatre, art, dance and fashion. We find Alexander McQueen drunk and high on drugs, frantically searching for the concept of his next collection, which he has to present the following morning. When a girl breaks into his house (perhaps a metaphor for breaking into his mind) this ghost like creature takes him on a journey of self discovery, searching for inspiration and ultimately saving his (and her) souls.

McQueen review Dianna Argon and Stephen Wight

Scenes are cleverly interspersed with musical tracks that were used at McQueen fashion shows over the years, giving it a nice personal touch. The set design is simple but elegant and the choreography is brilliant with ensemble members acting as mannequins and catwalk models.

As Dahlia, Dianna Agron has an illusive presence, being both completely there and invisible at the same time. Her almost monotone voice is spoken as though she could wake McQueen from his dream at any moment. She is like the ghost of Christmas past, visiting McQueen in his hour of need to become his muse and inspiration.

Stephen Wight McQuen Review

Stephen Wight is superb as ‘Lee’ McQueen. He holds the audiences attention during lengthy monologues by varying his tone and pace. He lives and breathes his character and demonstrates the how a creative person’s mind can drive them to drink, drugs and sometimes even death.

Tracy-Ann Oberman plays Lee’s deceased friend Isabella beautifully. He visits her on this journey to make a mends for the troubles they had before she died. Smoke fills the stage during this scene to give an even more dream-like state until she is finally pulled back and out of sight. The ensemble members are wonderful dancers, breathing life into every move they make.

McQueen Review group shot

It is shows like McQueen that make me remember why I go to the theatre so often. Because, every so often, you find a gem of a show that takes you to another world. This was one of them.

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McQueen runs until 27th June 2015 at the St James Theatre London
21 May 2015, St James Theatre