Gillian Lynne Theatre tickets

Seating Plan

Gillian Lynne Theatre seating plan
Previously known as the New London Theatre, the Gillian Lynne Theatre is one of the West End’s newest venues. With the current building constructed in 1973, the exterior is reminiscent of the era, with concrete slabs and wide-panelled windows. Inside, the theatre is incredibly modern, boasting excellent sight-lines throughout, and is somewhat similar to the National’s Olivier Theatre. With a seating capacity of 1,024, the venue is purpose-built to ensure excellent views across its two levels; the Stalls and Circle. Unlike many traditional theatres, the auditorium is very modern, boasting a thrust stage and semi-circle seating. This means that seats located centrally in both sections are often the best in terms of view, with views becoming more side-angled as they reach the ends of rows, which is reflected in the price of tickets. Check out our price chart below, which details the type of view you can get for the price you pay for your ticket. Please note that seating within the Gillian Lynne Theatre changes depending on the show. Below is a rough guide to pricing that reflects long-running shows at the venue.
Ticket Price Stalls Circle
£99.50-£95.00 (Premium Seats) Premium seats can be found in rows E-L, roughly seats 31-47. These seats are central and are at eye level with the stage, making for a clear, close-up view. A steep rake ensures that those in front do not disrupt the view at all.   Not available.
£75.00-£69.50 The majority of the Stalls are this price, as the contemporary build of the theatre allows for excellent sightlines. Rows are steeply raked to allow you to see directly over those in front. Sit as centrally as possible for the best overall view of the stage.   Most seats in the Circle are this price, due to great views of the stage. It is worth sitting as close to the stage as possible, as even there are no restrictions, it could be difficult to make out detail. Row A is restricted view due to the safety barrier.  
£55.00-£49.50 Pairs of seats toward the ends of each row fall under this price. These seats are where the rows begin to curve and the view becomes much more side angled view. This does not necessarily restrict the view (depending on the show) and can be a good bargain seat.   These seats can be found in around 20-21 and 60-61 of rows A-C. This is where the rows begin to curve. They are restricted view seats that are affected by technical equipment and the curve of the row, therefore minimal action may be missed, but not enough to hinder any enjoyment.
£45.00-£39.50 These seats are located toward either end of every row in this section. They are technically side view seats, although this may not be problematic for some, as you don’t necessarily miss out on any action!   These seats are located in the side blocks of seating and are restricted view due to facing the stage side on and having technical equipment in the eye-line. You may be required to lean forward to see the stage.
£25.00 Around five seats at the ends of each row are this price, as the stark side angle may restrict much of the action on stage. Despite this, these can be decent bargain seats for those who have already seen the production. Seats at this price are toward the end of each row in the Circle. These seats are restricted view as they face the stage side on and have technical equipment obstructing, which restricts some action. You may be required to lean forward to see the stage.  
£15.00 Seats at this price are located in Row A of the Stalls, where the view is severely affected by the height of the stage and is not recommended for anyone under 5’4”. You may struggle to see much of the action from here and you will definitely have to strain your neck!   Not available.
Day Seats (£20.00) These are located in Row A of the Stalls. Much of the action is restricted here, due to the height of the stage, but they are still going bargains for avid theatregoers who may not mind the slight discomfort!   Not available.