11 Feb 2015

West End Show Rumours

Have you heard any exciting show rumours? Who would you cast in these shows

I’ve been watching the way the weird and wonderful world of the West End works for some time now and I have noticed a few trends. Now I am not saying I know everything, but my knowledge of the industry combined with my inherent love of a gossip over a glass of wine has led me to a few sneaky suspicions as to what will unfold across London in the next year. Just call me Mystic Meg.


Kinky Boots West EndOKAY so Kinky Boots was confirmed just before I started writing this, but that baby was a hot rumour for a while. Now that the show has FINALLY been confirmed, let’s have a little ponder about who we would like to see in the show; I think Katherine Kingsley would be a GREAT Anna. There have also been a few rumours that Marcus Collins dropped out of the Joseph tour to take the role of Lola. Time will tell!

Mrs Henderson Presents

This is also semi-confirmed and set to open at the Theatre Royal in Bath in the summer. With Don Black and John Reid on the creative team the show ought to be in safe hands.
Where: I have a feeling this will be in an older theatre, like the Windmill Theatre in the film. Also the show would probably enjoy being around Soho. We will see – perhaps the Apollo?
When: Christmas 2015

CatsCats Musical

YEAH CATS. THE Cats that is running right now! Apparently it has been such a success that not only does Andrew Lloyd Webber want to revive it on Broadway, he wants to do a second season at the London Palladium for Christmas 2015.
Where: The London Palladium
When: Christmas 2015
Who: Let’s get Scherzy back. Although please Andrew and Trevor, PLEASE get rid of the whole rapping Rum Tum Tugger business.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Rumours of this witty little Rom-Com arriving on the West End stage have been churning for a LONG time. When I interviewed David McGranaghan of Jersey Boys back in 2013 he even mentioned he had been in a workshop for the show. Essentially it is just up to the creative team to get their act together and go for it!
Where: Sources are unclear
When: Autumn 2015
Starring: Sheridan Smith I’d say! Also McGranaghan is no longer tied up with Jersey Boys so he might make a nice Daniel Cleaver!

Groundhog Day

Rumours are rife for this whimsical show that is said to be in development by Matilda the Musical composer, Tim Minchin.
Where: Old Vic, apparently
When: I’m going to go with early 2016. Wait, when is Groundhog Day?! Google tells me 2nd February… so then, then!
Starring: Is it too much to ask to GET BILL MURRAY? Tim Minchin – just GET him okay?

Motown musicalMotown: The Musical

This has been a strong source of gossip for a while now. The show is currently on a tour of the US and enjoyed a successful stint on Broadway. Despite a tepid critical response, audiences have loved it.
Where: The Dominion or the London Palladium
When: WELL the Dominion is now booked up until early 2016, so perhaps around the February next year mark. If it chooses the Palladium it may have to wait until Cats has meowed its last. It also depends on the continued success of Memphis and Beautiful, which could be considered to appeal to a similar market. UPDATE: have a look at Motownthemusical.com – the site says “Coming to London, Spring 2016” HELLO!
Starring: Why not get good old Alexandra Burke back in the West End? She’d be a cracking Diana Ross! Or maybe good old Cynthia Erivo?


This one has been a bit up in the air for a while. One minute is seems it is happening, the next it isn’t. I think it definitely will!
Where: Hmm. This is a tricky one! Early rumours had the Dominion down as a possibility but now with ALADDIN impending (shh) that seems unlikely. I would say if, god forbid, Miss Saigon ever closes, this could be a good show for the Prince Edward Theatre.
When: Sources say late 2015.
Starring: Who knows, hopefully some of the US tour cast?

Finding NeverlandFinding Neverland

Based on the 2004 film, Finding Neverland will have music by Gary Barlow! Yes Gary! The show is already confirmed on Broadway and Brits Rosalie Craig and Julian Ovenden seem to be on-board so this is a shoe in for a London transfer!
Where: Perchance the Garrick?
When: 2016 I’d say. The show doesn’t open on Broadway until spring this year and will need to see some success to secure a transfer.
Starring: Ovenden and Craig (probably.)

20th Century Boy

WELL they use the phrase “PRIOR to the WEST END” on their website…soooo….
20th Century Boy is a musical inspired by the life of Marc Bolan. Rock n Roll!
Where: Sources are unclear.
When: 2015 sometimes?!

Barnum West EndBarnum

Cameron Mackintosh has been touring his Chichester Festival Theatre production of Barnum for some time following its 2013 Chichester run. Rumours are it will finally see the West End transfer it had been hoping for.
Where: The Duke of York’s Theatre APPARENTLY!
When: After Hay Fever finishes in August, so maybe mid to late September.
Starring: Let’s hope Tamsin Carrol gets back on board as Chairy! Other than that, most likely the current tour cast.

Other Musical Rumours

Whilst it seems like the much discussed Back to the Future Musical has been shelved for a while but there is hope in store for a West End transfer of popular Southwark Playhouse musical, In The Heights. Other whisperings include a West End revivals of Me and My Girl, a Broadway transfer of the Addams Family, a musical adaptation of Calendar Girls, and a We Will Rock You sequel (please no!)


As well as a whole host of musical rumours, there have been many convincing whisperings about what plays may arrive in London too!

Harry Potter

Guys. Get excited. Harry Potter. On Stage. In a (rumoured) GRITTY drama. This is no musical Lord of The Rings, this is a Zola-esque tale of social divide! Apparently the show will be produced by Sonia Friedman and directed by John Tiffany – if this is the case then I am all over it.
Where: The cupboard under the stairs?
When: Augustish 2016 I predict.
Who: I mean I have no idea RE Harry (Daniel, interested?!) but Rosalie Craig would be a lovely Lily Potter.

The GraduateThe Graduate

Apparently London will receive another stage adaption of The Graduate. Hurrah!
Where: I suspect either the Duchess, Garrick, Vaudeville or Wyndhams.
When: I would say late 2015/early 2016
Starring: Michelle Collins as Mrs Robinson.


Oscar Wilde’s Salome is rumoured to be taking centre stage in London’s West End some time “soon.”
Where: Sources are unclear.
When: 2015ish.
Starring: AL PACINO guys. NOT ONE TO MISS.

No Mans Land

Harold Pinter’s absurdist play No Man’s Land could be on the cards with a pretty awesome cast behind it…
Where: Either the Duke of York’s Theatre or potentially the Wyndham’s Theatre.
When: I suspect late 2015.
Starring: YEAH… SO Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen. WOWZERS.

A Month in the Country

According to the Daily Mail, Nicole Kidman is in talks to star in a London production of Turgenev’s A Month in the Country, directed by the Royal Court’s Ian Rickson and produced by Sonia Friedman. It all sounds very exciting!
Where: Possibly the Royal Court?
When: “Sometime” in 2015.
Starring: Nicole Kidman.

Wild Cards

If Then PlaybillIf/Then producer Marc Platt told me in a recent interview that he would like to bring his Broadway sensation to the West End stage. I am not too sure how fully formed these plans are, however.

Sting’s latest Broadway venture The Last Ship has just closed on Broadway, originally starring Brits, Rachel Tucker and Jimmy Nail. The show wasn’t a roaring success over in New York but I truly think that the UK Would LOVE it!

Rumours are also somewhat rife for an onstage adaption of The Hunger Games. Cool. May the odds be ever in it’s favour.

FINALLY there have been a few whisperings of a Doctor Who musical. Sure.

Have you guys heard any exciting rumours? Who would you cast in these shows? Let us know in the comments below.


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