24 Oct 2019

Where to sit for Sister Act at the Eventim Apollo (without breaking the budget)

Whoopi is back!!

The chance to see Whoopi Goldberg reprise her iconic role as Deloris in a large-scale stage adaptation of Sister Act at the Eventim Apollo is too good to miss. Not to mention, she is joined by the delightful Jennifer Saunders as Mother Superior, surely, a match made in heaven. Shows (and Hollywood stars) of this calibre don’t come cheap, however, so we have put together our top picks for mid-priced tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime production.

We challenge anyone to find a more heavenly pair of leading ladies

Obviously, the premium seats are going to offer the best, closest, least-obstructed views of the stage. They are also going to cost over £100 (Band A tickets come in at more than £250!!). If you can happily afford those, go for it!

For those of us who need be a bit more budget-conscious, our recommendation is to look at Band C pricing. We won’t claim that these tickets are cheap – you will still be looking around the £80 mark, but we think that this price band offers the best value. Band C seats show as green in the map below. Some of these may look far back from the stage, but it is worth noting the Eventim Apollo has a wide stage, with a large performance space often used for music gigs and large stage spectaculars, such as Shen Yun. This is an auditorium that is well-designed to give as good a view as possible to all patrons.

Eventim Apollo Seating Plan with recommendations for Sister Act the Musical

On the left and right sections of the Stalls, Rows BB to DD, Seats 13-20 (Stalls Left) and 43-49 (Stalls Right) are terrific options. While at a slight angle to the stage, the sheer breadth of the Eventim stage means you will barely notice. What’s more, you are close to the aisles, which will be great for beating the crowd to the bar and toilets during the interval. Row BB seats 13-18 and 43-49 in particular offer the closest seats to the stage in the Band C price bracket, without having to sit at the extreme right or leftmost edges of the auditorium.

Eventim Apollo Stalls Seating Plan Sister Act recommendations
The circled seats should be very close to the Band B view but without the price-tag

Row DD in the Centre Stalls, seats 22-44 are an easy recommendation. Good central views of the stage without the hefty price-tags of closer seats. Don’t be put off by the distance. As one user at SeatPlan.com said in their review of seat DD37 “Excellent view and very central. It’s quite far back but you can still see facial expressions, although probably only the very obvious ones.” It’s safe to say that in a big, all-singing stage extravaganza like Sister Act, with the comedic excellence of Whoppi Goldberg and Jennifer Saunders, ‘very obvious’ facial expressions will be in the majority and we’re confident that a view similar to the one below will be well worth the price.

In the Circle, we also recommend looking slightly off-centre to get the closest views at the best price. Rows K to N, Seats 19-23 (Circle Left, Block 11), and 54-58 (Circle Right, Block 8) offer elevated views that should give a deep overview of the whole stage, perfect for seeing every face in the choir. You will notice a handful of seats that we have marked in red in Block 9 and Block 10. These seats may look unobstructed on the seating plan, but this empty space in front is actually where the stairwells leading from the floor below are located. These include handrails that might get in the way and people walking in front of you might become a distraction.

Sister Act Eventim Apollo Circle seating plan
The seats in yellow are a good balance of view and price while avoiding the stairwells from the lower levels of the venue

We know you will be just as excited as we are to see Whoopi back in the habit. We hope that our top picks for mid-price seats have been useful. If you know of any other hidden gems at the Eventim Apollo, be sure to share the gospel and comment below.

Tickets for Sister Act at the Eventim Apollo are available at SeatPlan.com




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